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    Looking to take a road trip from Milwaukee to DC this spring. I'm trying to form a budget. Would anyone have an estimate for me on how much toll costs would be? Thanks for any help

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Tolls will depend on your exact route and what kind of rig you're driving, but you can look them up on the various websites maintained for just this purpose (and others) by the toll roads themselves:

    Tri-State Tollway
    Indiana Toll Road
    Ohio Turnpike
    Pennsylvania Turnpike


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    While its not a bad thing to note the toll costs as you work out your budget, people do tend to get overworked about them. Really, even in the worst/most expensive case, tolls will be a very small percentage of your overall costs. Generally, you'd have to work very hard for your tolls to cost more than the price of one or two tanks of gas.

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    Thanks AZBuck & Midwest Michael for your suggestions. I appreciate the help.

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