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    Hey everybody I have about 2 weeks at the end of the summer in which I want to take my family on a road trip. Myself, my son (7 years old), significant other, and my dog are all coming on the expedition with us. here is my plan, i was hoping people could let me know if I am being unrealistic. Both myself and SO would split the driving on this trip and I have driven for 18hrs (by myself) from NJ to FL twice and was fine and he has done the same drive. My plans are below: we only have limited time but really want to see the grand canyon and enjoy a nice family trip. i have never done this kind of road trip before though and would like opinions please:

    Day 1: Leave Cherry Hill for Mt. Vernon MO (leave at 2am get there at 7pm)
    Day 2: Spend the day in Mt. Vernon and leave for Southhaven, MS at about 4pm and arrive at in Southhaven at 11pm.
    Day 3: Spend the day and leave at about 5pm for New Orleans and get there at like 11pm.
    Day 4: Spend the day in NO.
    Day 5: Wake up at like 10am leave for Houston, TX! arrive at 3:30pm.
    Day 6: spend the day in Houston, TX
    Day 7: leave for San Antonio, TX at about 7pm and get to San Antonio at 10pm.
    Day 8: Spend the day in San Antonio, TX
    Day 9: Spend the day in San Antonio, TX
    Day 10: Wake up at 2am to leave for the Grand Canyon. arrive at 11pm.
    Day 11: Spend the day at the Grand Canyon.
    Day 12: Wake up at 10am leave around 1pm arrive to Mt. Rushmore at about 7pm
    Day 13: Spend the day at Mt. Rushmore.
    Day 14: Leave for Chicago, IL at 9am arrive at 11pm.
    Day 15: Spend the day in Chicago
    Day 16: Leave for Cleveland, OH at 5pm arrive in Cleveland at 10pm.
    Day 17: Spend the day in Cleveland
    Day 18: Leave for Home at 5pm and arrive in Cherry Hill NJ at 11pm.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I really didn't get very far into your plan to realize it clearly could not work. Your very first step is to try to drive nearly 1,200 miles in 17 hours. With a dog and a young child. Not going to happen, No way, No how. and in some jurisdictions might be considered animal (and child) abuse. No matter what you or your partner may have been able to accomplish under ideal conditions and on your own. this plan will not work if it includes any such driving segments. You need to go back to square one and redo this plan from scratch eliminating all days that rely on unrealistic assumptions of being able to drive 1000+ miles (e.g. San Antonio to Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore) safely in a day. Please do not just come back and tell us how you're different from everybody else and will not be putting your lives, and everyone else's on the road, at risk. You will find no support for such opinions here.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry but your plan to drive over 1100 miles in a day are unrealistic and reckless even for 2 adults but with a 7 year old child and a dog to consider, well all I can say is please don't, for safety's sake ! It will take you a lot longer than a mapping program suggests, that neither needs to eat, fill with gas or rest over long distances or has to cope with traffic congestion never mind other human factors.

    To have driven 18 hours nonstop doesn't mean it was safe to do so it just means you got away with it more than once, the same as someone who got behind the wheel with a few too many drinks did and got away with it, it doesn't make it right.

    we only have limited time but really want to see the grand canyon and enjoy a nice family trip.
    If you want to enjoy a nice family trip and make it safely to the Grand canyon then please, please rethink your plans for your son's sake and others that share the road with you, thanks.

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    Default Not Fun, Not Safe

    I'm simply joining in the chorus here. There simply is no way you could "enjoy a nice family trip" at this pace. This would be a brutal, miserable experience. There would be nothing resembling fun: at best you'll all be ready to kill each other by the 3rd day; at worst, you'll actually kill someone from driving so recklessly by putting up so many miles while getting so little proper rest.

    While most of your days are beyond the pale and in no way realistic, there is one day that takes things to a new level:
    Day 12: Wake up at 10am leave (the grand canyon) around 1pm arrive to Mt. Rushmore at about 7pm
    This is an 1100 mile trip on the shortest route. To cover the ground in 6 hours, you would have to average 180 miles per hour!

    Please, go back to the drawing board.

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