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    Hi All,

    It looks like I may have come across a good place to help me with a trip I am planning. I will be over in the US for 3 weeks this summer and will be doing a bit of driving to catch up with friends and family. I have a couple of longer drives planned but think on the whole I am comfortable with how it's looking so far.

    There is however one part of the trip that I am struggling with and would really appreciate ANY input at all. I will be making the drive from Ocean City, MD to Cleveland, OH (as the title would suggest) and I would like to stop off somewhere in the middle for an overnight stay. I realise a 9/10 hour drive might be a breeze to any American folk out there but coming from a small place like Scotland means anything over 2 hours and I feel like I should be in a new country (which I actually would be)! I know myself that the route will take me through (or at least very close to) DC and Pittsburgh but neither of these really seem to be close to the halfway point (I may still stop at DC for a few hours though as I have never been before).

    If anyone knows of a good overnight stop-off point then I would be really happy to hear from you (Is there anywhere close to the State Line between PA and MD for example?).


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    Ceud měle fŕilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, most Americans would simply breeze down the Interstates (Motorways) and complete the 500 mile or so trip from Ocean City to Cleveland in a day without a thought. Or without really taking the time to see anything on the way either. I applaud your desire to make the most of your trip by actually spending some time at it. As to where to stop for the night, that depends a lot on where and how long you plan to stop dring the day, and what type of roads you're intersted in driving. If, as you indicate, you would like to spend a few hours in Washington, then I'd suggest driving into downtown, biting the bullet and paying some outrageous amount to park in a lot for 3-4 hours and walking the Mall between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. This is where most of the famous monumnets, memorials, museums and government buildings are, and yet is only a couple of miles end-to-end. If you do that then you'll want to stop a good bit less than half-way to Cleveland. You'll also want to make sure that you're back in your car and on your way out of the city by 3:00 PM at the latest. Plan on spending the night in the Frederick or Hagerstown, MD area. For the second day's drive, you might want to take a look at a more rural route through the Appalachians than just taking the Turnpikes through Pittsburgh and Youngstown. something like I-99 north to Altoona and then US-22/US-422 would offer an alternative that might even remind you of home in spots. After all, the Appalachians and Caledonians used to be one continuous mountain range.


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    One possibility would be to take I-270 out of DC to I-70 to I-68 to Morgantown WV, then I-79 back to I-70, then I-77 up to Cleveland. This would keep you on Interstate highways, but it isn't anywhere near the shortest or fastest route. It would avoid the toll roads through PA and OH. I-68 is a very scenic highway. There are a lot of towns along that route with lodging, I'd just drive till you feel the need to stop, find the next reasonably sized town, and get a room.

    Examples - Hagerstown, Cumberland, Morgantown, Washington (PA), Wheeling.

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    Thanks for all the input folks it is really appreciated. The trip through the Appalachians is a great suggestion so I think I will look to do that. Being Scottish I do appreciate a nice bit of scenery. I may actually be stopping off at a friend on the way through Pittsburgh and on more investigation it seems he actually stays just off US-422 North of Pittsburgh, ideal! This could maybe turn into an overnight stop which might rule out the need for a stop halfway.

    I'm now in two minds:

    1) An early morning start out of Ocean City, spend a few hours in DC (walk the Mall / grab lunch), then continue the drive to my friend in Pittsburgh. Negatives here would be - early start (assume I want to avoid rush hour traffic around DC?), longer drive (about 7/8 hours total from Ocean City - Pittsburgh?), rushing through DC (to leave before evening traffic).
    2) Leave Ocean City the evening before to a hotel in DC, spend the day in DC, drive to Pittsburgh. Negatives - cost of a hotel in DC (I will be staying with family while in Ocean City), cutting my Ocean City trip a little shorter.

    Ah decisions, decisions! I'm having fun planning the whole trip but every time I look at it again I change what I want to do!

    Thanks again all :-)

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    You are looking at about 5 hours from DC to north of Pittsburgh.

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