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    Default Aussie family travelling to westcoast USA


    My family of 5 are wanting to do a 3 week roadtrip in an RV in September 2010.

    I have devised the following itinerary and would appreciate feedback as to whether it can be done in the time allocated, whether it is a good itinerary, what else we should see etc. Any feedback is welcome.

    We are keen on doing some city things as well as country. Really want to see Mt Rushmore, Canyons and National Parks

    The itinerary is as follows:
    Arrive San Francisco - 2 nights
    Pick up RV and drive to Yosemite - 1 night
    Yosemite to Salt Lake City - 1 night
    SLC to Jackson - 1 night
    Jackson to Yellowstone - 2 nights
    Yellowstone to Rapid City - 2 nights
    RC to Cheyenne - 1 night
    Cheyenne to SLC - 1 night
    SLC to Bryce Canyon - 1 night
    BC to Moab - 2 nights
    Moab to Monument Valley - 1 night
    MV to Grand Canyon - 1 night
    GC to Vegas - 2 nights
    Vegas to LA - 3 nights

    Home to Melbourne

    I look forward to your thoughts and comments

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    Default Very busy.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your trip is possible to do in the time you have but not as you have laid it out and I think you might be in for a quicker pace than you might want. Your plan as it is covers around 4000 miles and would mean covering 190 miles a day over 21 days, so for everyone parked up you need to double that to 380 miles, quite a full day in an RV especially when some of those days will be off main highways. With that in mind your time in Yosemite is a few hours and this place is awesome. It will take around 5 hours to get there from SF and to get anywhere near to SLC next day you will have to leave at the crack of dawn and face a 15 hour drive in an RV, not fun and not recommended. Another day of similar proportion is from Yellowstone to Rapid city, it's just too much in an RV.

    I am not sure if you have a reason for heading back to SLC from Cheyenne and then heading all the way back to Moab, but if there isn't one, the good news is you could cut out quite a few miles by going from Cheyenne to Moab and then to MV and Grand canyon. If you settled for Rocky mountain NP instead of heading to Bryce that could amount to over 500 miles saved and with your schedule a sacrifice worth making in my opinion.

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    Default It's a long way from Melbourne

    The first decision you need to make is, do you want to see a little of a lot of places, or see fewer places, but see and enjoy them. As it is, for most of your trip, you will be travelling long hours, without very much time to spend there on arrival. And driving a cumbersome vehicle will not only make it much slower going, it will also be more tiring.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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    Default backing down

    I would agree with Dave that I think there are several places where you are just trying to do too much.

    The Yosemite to Salt Lake day stands out as being particularly impossible. That's 700 miles, which is far more than we'd recommend even on an all-freeway speed run. But your adding in making the drive over a slow but exceptionally scenic 2 lane mountain pass and doing that in an RV, and that just isn't going to work. Just for comparison sake, driving from Yosemite to Death Valley is usually considered a pretty full day, and you're planning to drive about twice as many miles.

    Some other legs aren't as impossible, but you're moving so much that you're going to have very little time to see and enjoy anything. I see day after day of driving many miles, seeing a park for the couple of hours you have left, and then getting right back on the road. That's going to get old fast, and is really going to make it hard to actually see all of the places you plan to visit. Throw in the fact that this is a family trip, and I think your kids are going to get very bored because there is going to be a lot more time sitting in the RV than being out exploring and having fun. I would really look at trying to scale things back here and instead of trying to check "everything" off a list, focus on your priorities, even if you have to skip a few places.

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