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    Default Our Favorite RV Outfitter now does trip planning for cars!

    I didn't know that Dan and Mary's company did road trip planning for car trippers -- but they do and if you're looking for a one-stop consultancy approach to planning road trips -- Tracks & Trails is probably the best in the USA!


    (Edit: The trip planning services for car road trips seems to have been phased out sometime since 2010. But the RV trip planning is still a capable and useful app.
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    Default An update from the owner

    I received an email from the founder of Tracks & Trails this morning and he now runs the business from a boat where he and his wife are doing a a 6000-mile circumnavigation of the eastern US and Canada called America’s Great Loop.

    More about this amazing roadtrip-like boat adventure.

    Here is a map that shows this route (you can scroll to the map and use the interactive features on the site.)

    Screenshot of the route of the Great Loop!
    (courtesy of


    Here is a photo of Dan and Mary with their live-on boat:

    Dan Wulfman writes:
    As with our land-based travels, we think smaller is better. Most "Loopers" make the trip in big, slow, comfortable boats that mosey along at a leisurely 7-9 mph. Our boat is just 26' long and is easily towed behind our pickup truck, which also has a camper in its bed, allowing us to mix & match our excursions. It's very similar to a campervan or pickup camper -- definitely more camping than glamping, which amuses and confuses many traditional Loopers we meet. :-) We even have a rooftop tent on top of the boat to accommodate guests. It’s an overland rig that floats.
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