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    Hello all,

    I'm about to embark on my second multi-day road trip in August. Once again we are renting a car. I briefly looked at the information on CB's on the site and they look like something a serious road trip guy would want. Would we be able to use a CB in a rental or do we need to have an antennae specifically for the CB? If it's possible to use a CB with a rental, what is the etiquette in speaking on a CB?

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    A handheld unit would be the least hassles to use in a rental vehicle, but the range is going to be quite limited.

    Article on basic etiquette

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    Thanks! I'll look into that.

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    Hello jimzdj36,

    I've had fairly good luck with an inexpensive handheld CB from Radio Shack. You can purchase a "stick-on" external antenna from them, also. Such antennae mount to the hood or top of the car via a fairly powerful magnet. The external antenna feeds its signal through a cable which simply enters the vehicle through a door opening (the insulation on most vehicles will "squeeze" enough to allow this). Mine also operates either on batteries or a 12-volt vehicle power outlet plug-in.

    The handheld CBs are limited in power output for transmission (something like 20% of the power output of a larger permanent unit). But, the external antenna allows for much better reception of transmitted signals and does allow for a bit longer transmittal of your own signals. Shop carefully for the external antenna. A "shorty" rather than a 3-foot long flexy antenna may be needed. It's possible to drive fast enough to shear the magnetic antenna off the roof of a pickup truck. Having the antenna come loose and flailing about behind the truck at 80 mph is disconcerting to the driver and those following him. Ask me how I know.

    Lastly, one can be very entertained by the CB just by listening in. It's rare that I initiate communications on mine. It's mostly just responding to other driver's inquiries about my vehicle, where I'm going, etc. When I find a traffic backup, however, I'm quick to get on the air with vehicles traveling in the opposite direction for information about where the backup starts, sometimes enabling me to bushwhack around it.


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    Foy, the Cobra I linked to comes with a magnet mount external antenna, and it's a full 4 watt unit.

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