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  1. Default Canadian hoping to have a honeymoon through SW USA!

    I've been reading threads now for over an hour, but still not finding answers I need, sorry if I'm duplicating a question.

    I'm getting married August 7th, and have fallen in love with pictures of the American Southwest areas of Yosemite, Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon, I want our honeymoon to be in the SW USA in September.

    I was first planning a trip from LV to San Fran, but after seeing the extra costs for dropping a vehicle off at a different location and buying two one-way flights, it looks to be about $1000 more expensive than going to and returning from Las Vegas.

    So, as a revision now, I'm trying to come up with a suggested route. We're looking to go in early September, with a minimum of 8 days and a maximum of 15 days, depending on what we can get off of work. But if we had only 8 days - can you suggest the roads that we would drive to see the parks I mentioned, and is there any park on that list that is obviously not possible given the time constraints?? Any advice??

    My fiancee and I will want at least a day in Vegas, but probably no more than that, we love nature, and I would love our honeymoon to be as beautiful as possible!!

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    Hello, welcome to the RTA forums and congratulations !

    A very popular topic on the forums as you have discovered but with somewhere between 8 and 15 days is quite a big difference between a hectic trip and a relaxed honeymoon with regards to how much you can see. From LV to LV I would consider doing your trip in this order in either direction.

    LV>Death valley 160 to Pahrump and 190 across DV] >Yosemite [via 395 AND Tioga pass [CA120]>Sequoia NP[41/180/198]>Grand canyon [99/58/I 40/64 poss overnight in between] >Bryce canyon [64/69/12] >Zion NP 12/89/9 and I 15 back to Vegas. Most of the drive as well as the destinations are stunning and Sept is a great time to travel but I would recommend at least 10 days to complete the full circuit and have time to enjoy the sights, 15 days would be perfect. With only 8 days you would have to cut back somewhere to be able to relax and enjoy the places you do get to but cutting out Bryce [and Zion] would be one option or the other Yosemite and Sequoia, tough call as they are all spectacular.

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    Default A map to follow.

    I thought I would outline the suggested route for you to make it easier to follow.

    Use the tools to zoom in and out and left to right. If you have any other questions just ask.

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