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  1. Default Need suggestions for stops: road trip from Tahoe to Portland

    My husband and I (we're in our late 20's) are taking two weeks in CA/Oregon in June and need some suggestions for stops along the way.

    Our itinerary so far is....

    Tahoe- 3 full days
    Yosemite- 3 full days
    San Francisco- 2 full days
    Napa- 2 full days
    Drive up the CA coast and stop where???
    Fly out of Portland

    Including the day we leave Napa in the morning, we have 5 full days before we fly out of Portland. We would like to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Portland.

    Any suggestions of cities/towns to spend the night in or great places to see on our way up the CA and Oregon coast?


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    Default Starting out from Tahoe?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find lots of info by searching the forums such as this thread and this one here. Just put key words into the search function [top right of page] and you will find many more ideas.

    When you have found places that interest you and you have more specific questions just ask and we will try and refine your trip to your tastes.

  3. Default Plenty

    You can start by going west to Mount Tamalpais, go up hwy 1 to Stinson Beach, Point Reyes, Bodega Bay, Jenner. I don't know how much coast you want to see as it can get monotonous. I think we'll start with that and make additions/modifications later.

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    I have narrowed down to general areas where I want to stop, but am unsure whether I am leaving enough time to sight-see. We don't want to "just drive". We plan on taking the coastal hwy route the whole way even though we are going south to north and may not have the "best" views.

    Day 1: leave Napa and drive to Fort Bragg/Mendocino/Garberville area for lodging

    Day 2: Drive to Brookings for lodging

    Day 3: Drive to Yachats for lodging

    Day 4: Drive to Portland for lodging

    Day 5: Portland

    Day 6: Fly home from Portland

    Any ideas on travel time between these areas and anything that we MUST stop and see would be greatly appreciated!

    We love the outdoors, but are not "real" hikers. We would probably do 4 miles max. Love the beach too.


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    You are looking at roughly 5 hours of driving on each day.

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