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    Hi Guys,

    Me and 2 friends are coming over from England in June to do a road trip from Key West up the East Coast. Just wondered if anyone had any advice?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This website and this forum is filled with advice. I'm sure you can find tons of great information if you spend a little time looking around. However, at this point, you simply haven't told us enough about you, your plans, or what you are looking for for us to provide any additional specific tips for your trip.

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    Ok, so basically we are 3 25 year ols English guys looking to party from Key West to new York, we have 14 days to do it in. In this time we also want to be able to take in the sights and experiences that this region has to offer.

    We are looking to find out the best places to go both during the day and in the evening
    places to stop along the route
    Cheap hostels/hotels that people know of
    towns of interest along the route

    basically the best way of making this trip amazing!

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    Part of doing a road trip is the research and planning to include just what it is that each of you want to see and do. No one else can tell you that. Check on the map what areas you will be moving through, and see what there is on the forums for each. When you have a list, the members here will be able to fine tune it for you.

    For hostels you can't do much better than check here.

    For cheap hotels/motels look for the discount coupon books at rest areas along the road, at many of the visitor and welcome centres, at some truck stops/travel plazas, and even at an ocassional diner. These can save you heaps. You can also google 'hotel motel discount coupons' (or something like that) and many of the companies which put out these books will come up. Then print out the coupons.

    Enjoy the planning.


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