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  1. Default April Road Trip Boston - New York - Washington

    We're planning an April vacation flying into Boston, spending 3 days there, then driving to New York for 3 days, and finally Washington for 3 days.
    We are looking for some pointers for interesting and scenic routes between cities, looking to spend not much more than 1/2 a day driving each time, maybe a little longer depending on what gems we might come across on route.
    This is a child free trip any advise on which routes to take, and what we could see would be great.

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    How much time do you plan on for driving between these three points. Boston to NYC is about half a day's drive, provided the traffic co-operarates and you don't stop to do any sightseeing. It is a corridor of very high volume and congested traffic. And you won't want a car in NYC, or, for that matter, in DC. Both these areas are very well served by mass transport and quite expensive to park a car.

    You'd probably be better of renting a car in Boston (where it is also expensive to park in the city) and doing some sightseeing around the city, suburbs and some of rural MA. Then either take the bus, train or plane to NYC and DC. Taking all into account, including the massive tolls, you could find that it is cheaper.


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    Thanks but we've got the car as part of the package.
    If we need to spend a day driving to get the best of the route that's fine, rather have a nice sightseeing type drive than 4hrs on a freeway hoping the car behind is not a Toyota.
    PS We're from the UK so the fuel costs will be very low compared to what we're used to.

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