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  1. Default Going to pick up a trailer in Lancaster, CA, from Tucson - advice on campgrounds?

    Just bought a trailer in Lancaster, CA, near LA I guess. I'd like to drive from Tucson, shortest route, arriving late Thursday afternoon (Mar 11). Any suggestions to avoid traffic appreciated. Also, we hope to spend a couple nights along the way home to test out the trailer. Any suggestions for good campgrounds and sight-seeing? Trailer is a 22-ft Hi-Lo. I'd like the quickest way going, but open to suggestions coming home.

    Thanks all!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've made the drive before and I took I-10 to I-15 to CA-138. Its pretty straightforward and mostly bypases LA traffic. 138 is 2 lanes, and a little hilly, but I was able to get over it ok in a Uhaul pulling a trailer.

    Joshua Tree NP could be a good stop for your return trip.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Lancaster is north of Los Angeles, and the most straightforward way to get there is I-10 to San Bernadino (with the usual I-8/AZ-85 bypass of Phoenix), I-215 north to I-15 and then CA-138 to Palmdale and CA-14 to Lancaster. Since that route from San Bernadino avoids most of the L.A. basin, it's also the preferred route back. Two great places to shake down the trailer on the way back would be Joshua Tree National Park north of I-10 which you can approach either by taking CA-62 from White Water (just before Palm Springs) to the town of Joshua Tree and the west entrance, or by taking Cottonwood Spring Road (25 miles east of Indio) north from I-10. The next location would be the Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area just off I-8 west of Yuma, reachable from Joshua Tree by heading south on Box Canyon Road to Mecca and CA-111 south to I-8.


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    From Mecca to I-8, CA-86 is a better road if speed is any concern. It's multi-lane. Note that California has a 55 mph towing speed limit.

    The Joshua Tree welcome center is on Cottonwood Spring Road at the south entrance. It looks to me like the campgrounds at the dunes are actually off CA-78, not I-8 - but it looks like vehicle camping is permitted anywhere that vehicles are allowed. Note that down along I-8, you can see the border fence and the Border Patrol presence is heavy.

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    Slight change - they are moving the trailer to a dealer in Santa Ana, so that's where we'll be heading this Thursday. Does that change your route advice?

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    Not really - it would still be based around I-10. Take I-10 or CA-60 to I-215 to CA-91.

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