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    Default Can anyone suggest a Sat Nav for Uk and US please

    Hi all
    We are in need of a Sat Nav and as we spend much of each summer travelling the US it makes sense to buy one that is compatible for there. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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    Default brands

    Well, there are so many different models that depend upon the price range and features you're looking for, so I'd be hard pressed to make much in the range of specific recommendations. However, what I would do is stick to the major brands, particularly Garmin or Tom Tom. Any model from either of those brands should have map software for pretty much everywhere in the world.

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    Default Bring your paper maps as well.

    I have nothing to compare it to but I have a "Tom Tom classic UK and Ireland" and purchased a USA map from the Tom Tom site and downloaded it onto the unit. It has enough memory for that and to keep the UK and Ire maps on it permanently and does everything it should do, I was impressed being a paper map man. [bought as a present]

    On the subject of paper maps, the Sat Nav is a great back up tool and for finding a local address and although it will take you from A to B the quickest way do not let it run your trip. You can put in "way points" or it will re calculate your route if you take a different option but definitely use your paper maps for route planning or else you could find yourself travelling down Interstate and missing some wonderful scenery, towns and attractions.

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