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    Default Going from Miami to NY- March 5-11th Anyone going? I can't fly

    Hi, My name is Lucy, and I need to travel from FL to NY from the 5th of March to the 11th. They bought a flight for me already but will have to cancel it. I'm originally in Miami, but could make it to anywhere in FL to start the trip up north.

    Is anybody going by car or van or would be willing to take me, if I paid $200 or shared gas?

    I know this is short notice, but it is an emergency. And i know some crazy random people that if they had the chance, they'll take it lol.

    You would enjoy 5 days in NY, low season since all kids are at school, while I work, and then we would come back.

    Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks

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    I know this is a roadtrip forum, but have you looked at Amtrak if you can't fly? There are 2 direct trains a day from Miami to NYC.

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    Hi, thanks for the recommendations, actually i have considered that or even the bus, but the problem is that a few days back I lost all my documentation (wallet)... and i'm on a renewing visa, right now. I already had a flight ticket which i will have to cancel, because I can't present a proper id to get the boarding pass. The same thing might happen when I get to the train station... so to avoid all these issues or the risk of going through intimidating inspections, I just rather go by land, in a private trip. I currently don't own a car, and even if I did, I still don't have my license with me, so I'm just trying hard to find another way.

    I do appreciate your suggestion tho. =)

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