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    Default Portland to Death Valley, best route

    We will be pulling a 16' trailer from Portland to Death Valley in three weeks. haven't done this in over 35 years. With other families we would go south on I-5 to Eugene, cross over the Willamette pass on Hwy 58, south on 97, then through Klamath Falls, then 139 to Susanville, then 395 to Reno, then 95 to Beatty. We did this route back then to avoid southern Oregon/northern California mountain passes with snow. Don't know if this is the best route. Looking for the most level, less hilly route. Not concerned about scenery. If anyone has any more recent experience with this, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default I don't think so

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    I'm not 100% certainly, but I'm pretty sure you'd find that route through Northern California to be quite curvy and mountainous.

    If you want flat, your best best is typically to stick to interstates and freeways that are built to specific standards that limit grades and curves even over the most severe mountain passes. As such, taking I-5 down to CA-58 through Bakersfield to Barstow, I-15 up to Baker and then north on CA-127 to Death Valley is likely going to be the flatest route. That's not the shortest, or even the fastest option, but for flat, that's the route I'd take.

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    Default Driving from Reno to Death Valley, what is the best driving route.

    Soon will we be visiting Death Valley and will be pulling a trailer. We would like to know what people consider the quickest route, the choices being 395 or 95. What would be the time differences between the two due to terrain, traffic, etc? Any information or experiences would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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    Default By a Neck

    US-95 would be both flatter, staying at lower elevations as well, and at least an hour shorter than taking US-395. On a trip that is just about a full day long, that hour might prove very useful.


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