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    Hello all,

    Two of us are planning a trip from mid June to mid July. We are from San Jose, CA. We will be traveling in a van with the Elite Hide-A-Mat from Costco or an airbed. We'll bring a tent just in case we want to camp somewhere.

    Some of the places we are thinking of visiting are:
    Crater Lake, Oregon
    Fish Market, Seattle, Washington
    Vancouver, Canada
    Calgary, Canada (friends)
    Niagara Falls
    Dallas, TX
    Grand Canyon, Arizona
    Las Vegas, NV
    Yosemite NP
    Back to San Jose, CA

    Nothing is really fixed except for our starting/ending destination of San Jose, CA and Calgary, Canada.

    We would love your suggestions on routes or places that we should visit on that route.

    We want to have access to the internet on the trip to check emails, yelp places to eat, book hotels, and so on. Verizon has the prepaid 500 MB (1 Month) for $50. Is there a better plan?

    Thank you.

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    Default a month?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The key thing you'll really have to think about is how you want to approach this trip. Is this a trip just to do a lap around the continent, or do you want to stop and explore things. A month is a lot of time, but to get to all the places you've listed, it isn't going to leave much time to spend more than a day or two at any one place. Considering just how far away some of your eastern destinations are - atlanta is a day and a half drive from dallas, for example - you might want to scale things back a bit.

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    I think these days, you won't have too much difficulty finding wifi to use - I just had to check on something on a trip and was able to sit in the parking lot of the Super 8 in Gallup NM and take care of business.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael and glc for your replies.

    Google's map

    Michael, I thought about what you said. I want to do a combination of both, traveling and exploring. I cut a bunch of places that require me to stay for a day or two like Yosemite NP. I figure I can visit places in CA at a later time (weekend or holiday). It will be a while before I can take a trip like this again so I want to cover as much of the US as I can without rushing it.

    The trip is about 8,000 miles. If we were to drive an average of 500 miles per day, that would give us 16 days of driving.
    1 day in Austin, TX
    1 day in Houston, TX
    1 day in New Orleans, LA
    2 day in Atlanta, GA
    1 day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1 day in Niagara Falls, NY
    2 days in Calgary, Alberta
    1 day in Seattle
    That would give us a few days leeway if we decided to stay at some places or less driving per day.

    A suggestion I was given was to drive east first to get most the driving out of the way. Do you think it's a good idea?

    Also, I would love some suggestions on what's good to eat along the way. :)
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    Not going to the East Coast

    A few people said that the map I had earlier was way too much. With the above map, I don't feel like I'm saving a lot of driving time. This is harder than I thought.

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    I've done 'marathon' trips like this before. and they can be a bit daunting. The best way to approach them is to break them up. Take a break from driving entirely every week or so. Take a break from driving and get out of the car and get some exercise, do some exploring, interact with the land or the people, and do that every few hours pretty much every day you're on the road. I have found that such a pace suits me very well and I can keep it up practically forever, all the while covering many miles a day and making many priceless memories - far beyond the "I drove here and saw that through the windshield" variety. Really, avoid the temptation to just put down miles on a given day and try to drive 600, 700, 800... It's just counter productive, You will have wasted a day and a large chunk of country, and you'll just be exhausted the next day. I think you can have a wonderful trip on the amount of time you have. I don't see that which way you do the loop much matters. Just enjoy each day on the road on its own terms and experience each area that you come to, don't just drive through it.


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    If you're in Canada, be sure to go to Jasper National Park. We took a wildlife tour and saw grizzly, brown bear, elk, bighorn sheep...

    In Las Vegas, the Bellagio is a must see. Also, check out the Hoover Dam tour and drive out to Valley of Fire along Lake Mead.

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    Hi NVLady. We appreciate that you are searching the forums and offering advice to other members, but this trip actually dates back to 2010 and the OP has not been back since.

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