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    I'm starting to plan a Road Trip from the Ill. to Key West for my wife and myself. Somthing I have wanted to do for a long time. Plan on taking 2 weeks for the trip. I would like to drive down the east coast of Flordia going down and the west coast coming home. We love beach communites. I only want to stay a day or two in Key West but would like to spend some time in other locations in the keys. I would plan on leaving May 15 this year. I had hoped to find some blogs of others who have made this trip. I'm sure we won't be the first. I'm looking at the planning information listed on this site. Any other ideas would be helpfull.


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    Although I generally am an advocate of 'overplanning' a trip, this may be one where the opposite tactic may be in order. By 'overplanning' I don't mean that I map out every minute of every day. I just mean that I find more things to see and do on a trip than I can ever accomplish, and then pick from those options (and a few others suggested by locals I talk to) along the way. In your case, however, where you're going is pretty well determined, especially down the east coast of Florida where you'll be on I-95, US-1 or FL-A1A going from beach town to beach town. You'll have a bit more leeway coming up the west coast and will have to think a bit about where to leave the main roads, US-41 and US-19, to get to the Gulf Coast communities which aren't all connected by a single shore-following route. Certainly you should poke into such towns as Sanibel and Cedar Key as well as the better known Fort Meyers and Sarasota. Also, if time permits, explore the northern Gulf Coast westward through the Florida panhandle to Mobile Bay. But wherever you go, plan on stopping into local visitor centers for the true local skinny.


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