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    We're planning on travelling to the USA (again) following a successful 4 week National Parks RV tour (from San Francisco to Denver) in 2008. Prior to the trip, last time, we sought advise from your website and found the information on the forums, and the responses to our posts most invaluable! So thank you, and this brings us back here again hoping to get new insights for our next trip. This time we'd like to do an RV trip from Salt Lake City to Seattle (or vice versa) with a similar sort of travel time as our first trip, 4 weeks.

    The key NPs we'd like to visit are Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt Rainier and Olympic although we are flexible if it means a more efficient route or get see more interesting things along the way.

    Our initial questions are:

    (1) When is the best time to do this trip? At the moment we are planning on mid Sept-mid Oct.
    (2) Which direction should we travel (SLC->Seattle or Seattle->SLC)? I guess this may be dependent on the time we're travelling as well. Ideally we'd like to maximise best weather for walking in all the Parks but if we had to prioritise then it would be Yellowstone first and foremost!
    (3) We think 4 weeks would be enough for most if not all these parks but please correct us if we're wrong.

    Thanks in advance,
    2Ts (from Sydney, Australia)

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    Hello and welcome back to RTA !

    Four weeks is a nice amount of time to visit and you could comfortably add some other attractions, it really depends on the pace you want to set and how long you would want to stay in each place you visit. I would go so far to say that you could consider flying into Denver and adding Rocky mountain NP and possibly heading either North towards the Black hills and Mt Rushmore or East and take in some more of Colorado and parks of Southern Utah.

    By the time you get to Oct Yellowstone is starting to get into the end of the "normal visiting season" and areas are closing down for winter and the nights can get really cold. I love travelling late Sept into October but for this trip I think it would be a safer bet as the weather is unpredictable to be finishing your trip by the end of September and work your route so that you see the parks in the earlier part of your trip, i.e starting from Salt lake [or Denver?]

    Have a look around the RTA pages and you will find lots of info and as new questions arise just ask away !

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