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    My friend and I are thinking about taking a cross-country road trip this summer. We were initially thinking about backpacking through Europe, but the road trip definitely seems more plausible. The only thing is we're a little worried about finding places to stay. We're going to be taking a small car, and staying overnight in it doesn't sound too appealing. At least with the whole backpacking through Europe plan, there is the possibility of staying in cheap hostels in most large cities. What is a cheap way to have overnight accommodations on a cross country road trip? We're both students and don't have a lot of money to spend.

    If the cross country idea doesn't pan out, we were thinking of just doing a road trip in the west coast (we're from California). do you have any ideas for such a road trip? Thanks.

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    There are plenty of hostels in the US so that certainly could be an option for your trip. Now, they're not nearly as wide spread or as popular as in Europe, but they are out there for sure. If you start searching, you'll find they are a lot more common than you might think, and they can be a great idea for exploring cities.

    The one downside (other than dealing with shared dorms) is that parking often tends to be fairly limited and difficult, as ones in cities don't usually have their own lots. Also, when traveling as a pair, they often won't be a big savings. You're looking at $25 a night per person for most hostels, but you can typically find a motel for $50 a night total if you are staying on the outskirts of a city.

    The other great cheap sleeping option is camping. Once you get your gear, you're usually spending half as much as a campsite. Of course, you don't get a bed, and if your focus is cities, its a little more challenging, but camping can be a big money saver.

    Figuring out where you want to go isn't something that anyone else can do for you. That's really just a fundamental thing thats at the core of your trip. Certainly, you can look around this site and get ideas from what others have done, but roadtrips are not one sized fits all adventures, and no one on any forum is going to know your tastes and interests better than you.

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