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  1. Default Planning a roadtrip in June from Seattle to Redwood National forest


    Came across this wonderful site and have read a few suggestions.
    Basically our group is flying in from NYC into Seattle and renting a Class A RV for the SASQUATCH FESTIVAL. We will be driving from Seattle on May 27th and spending the entire weekend at the Gorge until June 1st. Afterwards we would like to go on an RV roadtrip along the pacific coast highway and also visit crater lake national park. We need to make it back by June 7th (our return flight) to Seattle (RV rental return). Can you please give some suggestions? We are a group of mid-twenties seeking adventure and beauty. I would also love to visit the Olympia peninsula..

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    Default Routing Suggestions

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your itinerary is already going to be pretty full if you do everything you've mentioned, especially considering that you're going to be pushing what amounts to a bus down the highway, but a few roads and locations you can also include without too many additional miles would be a drive down the Columbia River to the town of Hood River and then take OR-35 south and US-26 east to Madras to continue your journey down to Crater Lake. Then from there, head as directly as you can to the coast and just enjoy some of the many, many state parks on the way north to the Olympic Peninsula.


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    thank you for the advice.

    do you think we have enough time to make it to the redwoods AND crater lake AND olympic ?

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    Default A little spare.

    You have the time but it will be the best part of a couple of days each way to Crater lake and Redwood NP and back to Olympic along part of the coast in an RV. That will leave a little time for sight seeing and getting back to Seattle.

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    If you go to Redwood NP, I recommend you drive Howland Hills Road in Jedediah Smith State Park (adjacent to Redwoods NP). Not sure if you could drive that road with an RV on second thought...but that state park is less tread and the trees are just as impressive!

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    Thank you very much!

    I have another question... Do I need to stay in an RV park? Is it okay just to pull off somewhere, safe and stay over night?

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    I also just realized there is tons of snow at Crater Lake in May/June! Is it not recommended ???

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    Default Not usually.

    Quote Originally Posted by realz View Post
    Thank you very much!

    I have another question... Do I need to stay in an RV park? Is it okay just to pull off somewhere, safe and stay over night?
    You can not just pull of the road somewhere for the night and camp but there are other options such as truck stops and some Walmarts allow you to park in the corner for the night with the managers consent, but that is to sleep only so do not expect to get your tables and chairs and BBQ etc out. There are some rest areas that allow overnight parking but to be honest you will be much better off in an RV park.

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    We generally found it safe to find a spot not directly visible from the road (at least a car length away) that looks natural for a car to be parked in. They are not that hard to find and the worst that usually happens is that someone asks you to move on. In the Western states there are many more spots to do so than in the East. These links might be useful:

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    ok last year our roadtrip was AMAZING!!

    We ended up going from seattle to quincy (sasquatch festival) then straight down towards the redwood national forest before heading back up the coast on 101 towards seattle. It was a life changing experience for many of us who went.

    We plan on a similar trip this year but only have June 1-june 3 after Quincy.
    We are thinking STEAMBOAT ROCK STATE PARK/DRY FALLS (1 night)
    and then towards LAKE CHELAN or WENATCHEE FOREST (1-2night)

    Is there anything you would recommend? Also we will DEF. be boondocking this trip......
    We absolutely hated the crowded RV parks! (REDWOODS particularly JACOB was amazing!)

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