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    We are driving from upstate NY to Marco Island for spring break. We currently have reservations for the hotel to check in on Sunday 3/28...but should we leave Friday night or Saturday morning? I know there are many variable involved - traffic, construction, commuters, travelers, time of day. I was also thinking of stopping in Dunn, NC if we left on Saturday morning and get to Dunn by 7ish Saturday night and then waking up Sunday morning early and finishing the drive. Or if we leave Friday night how would that work out. We are a family of four with 2 kids ages 4 and 6. Thanks. I can't seem to find this info anywhere!!

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    Seriously, you're looking at around 1500 miles depending on where in 'upstate New York' you are. That is three days worth of driving. Trying to drive 750 mile days is a recipe for disaster or worse.


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    You are really trying to push things making this trip in two days, and I would strongly recommend leaving as early as you can on Friday. If you could leave Friday morning, that would really be best.

    "Upstate NY" covers a whole lot of territory, but you're looking at about a 1500 mile trip, which we recommend as 3 full days - especially when you're talking about a trip with kids, and when you're talking about traveling down the east coast which sees very heavy traffic even on weekends.

    Without knowing your exact starting point and starting time, its hard to give you a specific recommendation on where to stop. However, Dunn NC is still 800 miles from Marco Island. That's a brutal 14 hour day (best case) on the road, and is going to make for a pretty miserable, and frankly unsafe, time on the road. I think you need to get at least to St. George SC by Saturday night, and even that's going to make for a longer day on the road that we really recommend.

    Working backwards, and assuming you're taking I-95 the whole way south (which might not be the best route) that means I'd want to be south of Philly (Willmington DE) when I'm getting on the road Saturday morning. Again, that's setting you up for a drive that's in excess of 600 miles both days, still a very long day on the road leaving no time for anything but very short stops to take a break.

    I don't know when you can leave, but if you're starting from Syracuse or Albany, that's going to mean a good 5 hours of driving on Friday, and that's just to really get to the maximum you should be looking at for your full days on the weekend. If you can leave earlier, you can start looking at a trip that you could actually enjoy, rather than a long hard slog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sc02295 View Post
    We are driving from upstate NY to Marco Island for spring break. ..................We are a family of four with 2 kids ages 4 and 6. Thanks. I can't seem to find this info anywhere!!
    If you are not able to find more time, how about attempting something a little less ambitious? This is going to be a nightmare for all four of you. Irritable little ones in the car do not make for the concentration needed for a safe journey. It is recommended that one stops every two hours or so, on a long trip. With little ones, this is doubly important. They need to run around, exercise those little bodies and let off pent up steam. As well, young bodies need exercise through the day to ensure they rest well at night... especially when in a strange bed. Without that, your sleep and rest may be disturbed. And without sufficient rest and sleep, neither of you will be in the condition needed to face yet another 15 hrs (or more) on the road.

    From my experience of travelling with young children, I would do this journey over four enjoyable days. With your plans you may all need a break to recover when this trip is over.


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