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    Hi Guys
    My Girlfriend and I are planning our first ever US road trip this summer. We fly into Washington DC then plan on visiting Galax (southern Va, for some Bluegrass), Kentucky;for horses and Bourbon, Nashville, Memphis, Natchez, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Charleston, and back to DC. We have 21 days to do this and plan on spending 3 days in New Orleans and DC and 1-2 days in the other places. Any comments and/or advice on paces to stay / things to see along the way would be appreciated.

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    Since your tastes seem to lean to the scenic and musical, then let me suggest that as a first step you look at the Blue Ridge Parkway as your route down to Galax and US-58 west from there into Kentucky. From Memphis, if Graceland is on your agenda - and even if not - I'd suggest that you head to Tupelo on US-78 and then take the Natchez Trace Parkway. While in the Jacksonville area, consider a trip through the Okefenokee Swamp and a stop for a stroll through the squares of Savannah. Finally, if you have time towards the end of your trip, head up along the coast by way of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Eastern Shore of Maryland before returning to DC.


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    Thanks Buck,

    There's a few things on there i had already looked at and a few new ideas which soud really interesting and that we'll defnitely look into. We'll keep you posted...

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