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  1. Default Driving from Los Angeles to New Jersey in March. Need help on what route is safest

    My sister and I are packing a minivan and traveling from Los Angeles CA to New Jersey in the first week of March, due to a family situation. We are not going to be sightseeing or anything, but we need to take a minivan to transport our stuff because we will be living back in Jersey permanently.

    We want to take the safest route back without too many dangerous mountains, because of the snow & the heaviness of our vehicle.

    We took the 1-70 to the 1-40 on the way up from Jersey in October, but we don't know if it would be ok to take the same route back.

    Any help or advice would be soooo appreciated!
    Thank you :)

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    Default tis not the route that is dangerous

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    US Interstates are among the safest highways in the world, and all of them (even in mountains) are designed to specific standards for grades/curves/safety that all of the highways must be built to.

    Driving defensively, getting proper rest, and not trying to do more than you are capable of are all far more important than the route you pick.

    There are 3 major routes to take, I-40, I-70, or I-80. Any of them could work for your trip, and any of them could see winter weather in early march, so I'd wait until just before your trip, and then pick the route that looks like it will have the best weather during the time of your travel.

  3. Default Very true! But what about the I-10?

    Thanks Michael!
    It does make us feel safer, but nevertheless, we keep hearing about the extra special bad weather that most of the US is having right now...We were wondering if it might be better weather through the I-10 to FL then cut up to I-95 to Jersey?
    It's a few hours out of the way, but the weather and terrain seems a lot better.
    But what do we know? We've never ever driven that route before. Any tips?

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    Default Absolutely Not

    Taking detours to avoid unknown weather because you're assuming one route will be clear really doesn't make sense. Every cross country route can see weather problems so adding miles just means you'll be on the road longer, thus you'll be increasing your odds of seeing bad weather.

    An I-95 to I-10 route does nothing to improve your odds of seeing good weather. Obviously, I-95 has been hit with several major storms this year - all the way down the coast, and that's already an extremely busy corridor that frequently sees major traffic issues even in good weather. I-10 has also seen many closures this winter, both along the Gulf Coast, and farther west into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona (parts of the route that typically see some snow anyway.) Also remember, that as you get into areas that see less snow, they are less able to deal with it when it does come (an inch of snow in Georgia will shut down the state, while anything under a foot of snow will be a practically be a non-event in Wyoming). I-10 was also closed for a couple days earlier this winter because of a major pile-up caused by a dust storm in the Phoenix/Tucson area, so bad weather isn't always in the form of snow and ice.

    If you've got a specific forecast that shows bad conditions on all of your other more direct routes, then maybe that route is worth considering. However, it adds about 500 extra miles, which means you'll be on the road for another full day. You'd generally be better off simply using that extra day to wait out any bad weather you might encounter.
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