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    looking for a trip out west from Memphis that is about a day drive. plan to stay for 3-4 days and then come back. looking for somewhere to stay that had nature attractions and good for kids.
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    Default little to go on

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You haven't given us much to work with here. First of all, are you talking about doing a daytrip from Memphis, which you're out and back in one day, or are you looking to drive a day, stay there, and then drive back the next day? Also, what sorts of things are you looking for? Cities, Nature, Parks, Nightlife?

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    Default Arkansas cruising

    Hello rushingmatt,

    It seems as though you can consider only as far as western AR, eastern OK, and southern MO. The locales which come to mind there include Crater of Diamonds State Park, the Hot Springs Resorts area, the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains in general, and the Mammoth Spring/ Spring River area in the Ozarks along the AR/MO border. There are a number of large reservoirs in the region, also. Highly-rated trout fishing can be found on the White River and other AR streams, and paddling opportunities abound in the Ouachitas and Ozarks. I've personally paddled a several mile segment of the Spring River immediately below Mammoth Spring. It was Springtime, the rainbows were snapping, and we had a great time.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip.

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    You might be able to explore some of Kentucky as well. The Louisville or Lexington area perhaps? You can head east and explore the Smoky Mountains also. Maybe the Natchez is in reach from your area, too.

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