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    Default Phoenix to San Fran in 14(ish) days...

    I need to get from phoenix to San Francisco and have set aside about 2 weeks to do it. I need to be in San Fransisco by the about the 16th of March so intend to leave about 2 weeks to travel to make stops on the way and enjoy the great American road, and national parks as well as cities. I was wondering about modes of transport, or if anyone is traveling this route at this time? what is the best way to travel that is cruisey enough that i can stop to enjoy the trip?

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    Default The motor car.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The best way to get around and see what you want to see at your own pace is to rent a car, if that is possible ? If you have a full driving licence and over 25 it won't be a problem, between 21 and 25 years of age with a driving licence you will face some "young driver" surcharges and will make it costly, under 21 and/or no licence it won't be possible to rent.

    If renting isn't an option it isn't going to be that easy to get around and explore the places you want other than taking tours from the City's or grabbing a ride.

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    Default Phoenix to San Francisco in early march

    Hi there, i am an aussie chic, taking a year off to see some of the states. i am looking to travel from phoenix to san francisco in early march to arrive by the 16th...ish. I want to see some sights and town on the way, and do some walking. I am looking for either some advice about this trip as well as a travel buddy who is looking to do this trip also, either to hire a car with or share a ride... who's up for adventure...?
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