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    We're a family of 6 wanting to road trip from Las Vegas to Orlando in May 2010. There are twin boy & girl 14 years, an almost 4 year old girl and and 8 month old baby girl.

    Our plan is to leave Vegas on 18th May(after a five day/4 night stay) and be in Orlando on 28th May. The one place I want to go to is Graceland. As for anything else we are very open to suggestions from those who know!

    We are hoping to use an RV to do this trip but at the moment we are experiencing some difficulty getting one, largely due to it being a one way trip. The alternative is to hire a car/minivan big enough for us and stay in motels along the way. This may be the better of the two options?? We just want the children to see as much as is possible without it being so fast they miss everything!! We figured a road trip would achieve this.

    Any suggestions on which way we should travel and what things we shouldn't miss would be great. Once in Orlando we intend to stay long enough to be able to take the family to Kennedy space centre as well as doing the usual tourist things you do when in Orlando.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The choice between and RV and a Car/Motel trip usually is more about the experience and lifestyle. Cars will usually be cheaper, however in your case with your large family, I could easily see an RV just being easier and realtively cost effective. You shouldn't have much difficultly finding a one way rental. At the very least, Cruise America and El Monte, which are the two largest companies, should have something that would work for you.

    10 days for a cross country trip is enough time to make the trip comfortably, but you'll still have to keep moving to a degree. Its a solid 4-5 days of pure driving to cover the miles, so that leaves you with about 5 days worth of siteseeing and relaxing along the way.

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    I agree with Michael that this can be a very pleasant trip with ten days to cover this distance, and I don't think the experience would be terribly different in either price or memorability whether you take a full up RV or a full sized (7 passenger) minivan. I'd suggest that you take a pretty direct route: US-93 to Kingman, I-40 to Memphis, US-78 to Birmingham, I-20 to Atlanta, and I-75/Fla Tpk to Orlando. This would take you by or near a great number of interesting places and give you plenty of time to visit explore them. With some minor detours, highlights would include the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Petroglyph National Monument, Cadillac Ranch, Oklahoma City Memorial, Hot Springs, Elvis' Birthplace, Stone Mountain, andOkefenokee Swamp.


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    thanks to all for your advice, we have managed to get an RV for the one way trip so we are very excited and very much looking forward to our road trip. We will take in those recommended sights along the way and who knows, we might even extend the trip and take in a bit more while we're at it!

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    Default Keep looking.

    There is certainly plenty more to do and see so keep looking around the RTA site and you will find loads of useful suggestions. If you have any other questions just ask, if not have a great trip and please drop by and let us know how things turned out.

    Have a great trip !

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    Hi There,

    We are also a family from Australia traveling right now on a 7 week trip from LA to Orlando in a 30 ft RV from El Monte, we love our mobile home it is the best way to travel, no unpacking and my son does his school work between destinations, and once at a good RV park we use their Wi Fi to look up our next place to stay or see.

    I would suggest extending your time though, we started at 5 weeks and now 7, and I'm glad we did, it allows a little flexibility, and we are not rushing from place to place, most drives are around 2-4 hours drives but we have done a few 6 hours ones, I would not want to do more than that.

    As far as vegas you could probably take a few days from there, we are here now and feel once you are here you will do as much as you can with kids in around 2 days, it's really a town for adults.

    If it helps we are posting our travel blog which may help you with your plans, as we are here until May.

    Good Luck

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