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  1. Default Need advice: Alabama to Seattle Summer 2010

    Me, my girlfriend, and a good friend of mine are taking a road trip out west this summer. None of us have taken a road trip like this before so we're in need of advice. Here's a bit of information:

    Length: 28 Days (May 7th - June 4th)
    Route Outline: Road Trip Map (The purple routes are alternates)
    Total Funds: $4,500 - $6,000 ($1500/per to $2000/per)

    We will be driving in a small, 2009 Honda Civic coupe and rotating driving equally. We have a large five person tent and will obviously be packing as light as possible. We'd like to camp as much as possible and experience as many different (and hopefully mind blowing) terrains and sceneries as possible.

    As far as interests, my girlfriend and I both really enjoy fresh local food, culture, wine, beer, etc. and my friend is really into outdoor activities (rafting, snowboarding, etc). We all enjoy great live music, travelling, and general off the beaten path stuff -- not touristy stuff really.

    How does this sound? Any tips, hints, feedback would be awesome! Most importantly,nothing is set in stone!

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    Default Map display.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I have displayed your map to make it easier for others to see.

    I would say with 28 days and a budget of up to $6000 you are in pretty good shape !

    Whether you alternate driving or not we usually recommend no more than around 550 miles for a days travel which equates to 9-10 hours on the road with time for short breaks to get food, gas and to stretch the legs.

    For camping the State and National parks take some beating for budget and surroundings but some of the popular ones get booked up early in the summer months so you will need to decide whether you want to take a chance and "wing it" or tie yourselves down with bookings.

    Now you have an outline plan it's time to do a little more research with a good map and searching the RTA site for info and try and fill in the gaps. There are just to many great things to do for us to start making any meaningful suggestions at the moment. When you have done so and have some specific questions just ask and we will try to help out where we can.

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    A couple thoughts - you are going to be real close, so I'd recommend you go through Rocky Mountain NP, and take Trail Ridge Road if it's open. I'd strongly advise against visiting Tijuana (it's very unsafe for tourism), if you do insist you should park your car at the border and walk across. Passports WILL be required to re-enter the US unless you have "enhanced" driver's licenses.

    If you can work it in, I'd recommend a tour of the southern Utah parks and Yosemite.

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    Great, thanks for the info. I was thinking about walking across to Tijuana but will reconsider after your warning, lol!

    Should we go ahead and try and reserve camping spots? I've truly never camped in a national park or somewhere like the Grand Canyon before, I always assumed you could just camp where you want. So far our big camping destinations are the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Redwoods, and Yellowstone. However, we'd like to stay out of standard lodging and the like so we'd like to camp as much as possible. What would some other great places to camp be? Death Valley? Are there any cheap places to sleep in the cities we're visiting?

    Also, are there any cheap solutions to sleeping that we haven't thought of? Sleeping in the car with 3 people would likely be terrible, so where else can we sleep that doesn't cost a ton of money?

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    The cheapest livable hotels are generally outside of the cities at Interstate exits or in smaller towns.

    I don't know if you are going to want to camp in Death Valley - the average high temperature in May is 100 degrees and the average low is 70.

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