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  1. Default planning a summer road trip around florida and southern states

    hi there,

    i will be flying to out chicago to visit my friend at the end of June. I plan to spend 10-14 days after this travelling around a few southern states.

    I will probably fly from chicago down to nashville or somewhere like that, then fly back to the UK from Miami at the end of the trip.

    I have plotted a VERY VAGUE trip that I had in mind - visiting Nashville and New Orleans for the music, maybe incorporate some rodeo and a boat trip on the Mississippi at some point as well? I then want to travel down the gulf coast for some sun and relaxation and then all the way down to Key West for a bit a few rum and cokes!

    I am a 26 year old male from UK, and enjoy music, sun, sea, and having a general good time. ( i did San Diego, San Fran, LA, Yosemite last summer and really enjoyed that)

    So ay ideas of things to incorporate on this trip would be much appreciated... like i say, this is just my first thoughts on where I would like to go, so would be happy to deviate from this route if there are other things worth seeing


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    also, could anyone recommend somewhere to stay on the gulf coast with a decent nightlife?? somewhere similar to San Diego (which i loved) would be ideal! ive been looking at clearwater, fort myers, and bradenton beach, but not sure what these places are like?

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    Default Have a look around the site.

    Hi mattk, and apologies for a belated welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm sorry to say that I can't offer any meaningful advice along your chosen path but I would say that it's worth using the RTA search function and key words to find lots of threads and reports in that area.

    Memphis is of course famous for it's links with a fella called Elvis and a little way down the road is also his birth place of Tupelo.

    To get you started have a look at this article and Craig's report as well as this A-Z of each State.

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