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    Hi Guys
    I know there are alot of threads regarding trips from San Francisco to Las Vegas but some appear to contradict others etc. Basically im looking at planning my honeymoon for June 2011 - we looked at a 14 night trip with a uk company but want to cut it to 10 nights so we can spend a week somewhere else. We want to start with three nights in San Francisco then get to Las Vegas in two days (1 night) - this was included in the companies itinerary so we presume its do-able but gives no idea of the route between the two. Ideally we want to travel through one of the National Parks on route (Death Valley not important) - basically i want to know if this can be done in two days (getting up early and arriving late not an issue) - and where you would recommend staying. El Porto seems popular but the drive from there to Vegas looked a bit extreme If its possible to take in the Tioga Pass that would be great. We would then spend 3 nights in Vegas before travelling to LA for 3 nights. Any help much appreciated.

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    Default It would be a shame.

    Hello, congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am not sure what you mean with regards to "contradict each other" as there are many route options and during certain times of year there are road closures across the Sierra Nevada mountain range and therefor will produce many different results for each individual trip rather than following a tour guides predetermined idea of "best route".

    I think you might be referring to "El Portal" near Yosemite when you say "El Porto" ? If you got an early start from SF and explored Yosemite valley in the afternoon El Portal would be a good option unless your budget will stretch to a night staying in the park and then take the Tioga pass to Vegas which is a long day.

    I know you have said you just want to "drive through a park" and "death valley is not important" [perhaps you have visited before?] but unless nature and scenic wonders are totally not your thing I think you could regret not taking an extra night for this journey and have more time in Yosemite and a drive across Death valley, they are wonderful places and I can't think of a better place than Yosemite to relax and take a stroll in for a little romance, it is your honeymoon after all ! ;-)

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    Thanks for your response and apologies, i did mean El Portal. With regard to contradiction I meant on timings - i guess mainly like you said because of routes, weather, stops etc. I had said not bothered about Death Valley as we had looked at excursions there from Vegas, however it would make more sense to drive through and have more time to spend doing other things in Vegas. What you said makes sense though - we love nature, the problem as ever is time and wanting to visit the major cities. I guess it would make sense for an extra night and relax more. On that basis would this be an idea?:
    Take the 120 to Lee Vining for a night then take the 395 to somewhere like Lone Pine for a night then take the 190 through Death Valley and on to Vegas...

    Its the first time I have ever tried to organise a holiday like this so your advice is much appreciated!

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    Default Time is often the enemy !

    But I think taking a night from Vegas and seeing DV on the way through would be a good compromise.

    What I would suggest is to stay either in Yosemite or on the West side for night 1 such as El Portal and spend your second night in or around Bishop and then make your way across Death valley on 190. To get to Vegas the "locals route" is to take the State line/Ash meadows road from Death valley junction to Pahrump and 160 into Vegas.

    Doing it like this would let you have some time to explore the valley floor on day 1 and then take a drive up to Glacier point and head over Tioga pass on day 2 while giving you time to pull off and admire the views.

    Look here if you need a little more convincing and here

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    I am planning virtually the very same trip for our honeymoon this coming august. I was offered a similar package to you (I take it you were at Trailfinders), but do some internet research beforehand!! This forum is a mine of information and really helped us in "Tweaking" the package offered to us by Trailfinders.

    For example, they had us staying two nights at Furnace Creek - we tweaked this to one night and one night in Bishop (to break up the journey to El Portal).
    I also think they also suggested we did Highway 1 in a rush, with only two stops in Monterey and Santa Barbara - We again decided to split the journey with a stay in Pismo Beach.

    We just found that if your timescale allows - a stop along the way would be far more beneficial so that you won't have to rush from place to place.
    Our route now will be:

    Vegas - Furnace Creek - Bishop - El Portal - San Fran - Moneterey - Pismo Beach - Santa Barbara - LA


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    thank you very much guys!

    we have decided to take an extra day without losing any elsewhere - we will go for a night in el portal and then one in bishop to give us a day in Yosemite walking etc then a drive through the Tioga Pass for a stay in Bishop then finally the drive through death valley! this is without doubt the msot exciting thing we have ever done and cannot wait!

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