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  1. Default US Roadtrip. Denver to San Fran - 6 days. Early April.


    We are planning to drive from Denver - Santa Fe - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - Sequoia - Yosemite - San Fran. Obviously we are a little pushed for time as it is and we will have to take the path of least resistance ie. shortest and quickest. But, we were wondering whether we will pass by anything that MUST NOT be missed - a detour of an hour from our route is do-able. This is a once in a lifetime trip for us coming from Europe and we dont want to miss anything! :-)

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!



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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As you rightly say, you are pushed for time and would probably be better off maximising your time in the places you plan to visit as you won't have enough as it is. As Santa Fe is on your itinerary you could cut through Cimarron canyon on 64 to Taos [Taos Pueblo] and down to Santa Fe but personally speaking I would head West on I 70 from Denver towards Grand junction [Colorado National Mounument] and continue to Moab [Arches NP] and through Monument valley to the Grand canyon.

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    I agree. Take I-70 west. While there is a lot to see and do in and around northern New Mexico, with your time constraints, you would be better served to see more in less time going through Moab and Monument Valley to get to the Grand Canyon. Which, considering where you are from, I would recommend as being a high prioity stop.

  4. Default West from Denver

    Yes, i can totally see the advantage of heading west from Denver. I dont have any particular dream to see Santa Fe - it was more taking the route that google maps suggested and it seemed like a logical step BUT by going west its similar distance and time plus monument valley!! :-) Where would you suggest overnighting it? Moab looks like a logical point to me. Any danger of snow on these roads (ie. south from Moab) as we wont be in a 4x4 only a FWD pontiac - which i wouldnt want to rely on in snowy conditions.

    Thanks alot guys! Liking the suggestions very much!

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    Default Something to work from.

    Moab would make a good first night choice but from I 70 cut through Castle valley on 128, it's a wonderful drive through the canyon alongside the Colorado river. With an early start you could detour from I 70 through Colorado NM at Grand junction but it would make for a long day. From Moab travel through Monument valley on 163 towards Grand canyon and either stop in the National park or somewhere outside for cheaper lodging . Cameron going in and Tusayan exiting the park are the 2 closest but have dearer lodging than say Flagstaff. On to Las Vegas for a night and then head towards Three rivers for Sequoia NP and next day up through Oakhurst to Yosemite.

    Here is a map of the proposed route and you can use the tools to zoom in and out/left and right to view it.

    Don't worry about 4x4 driving, if you neede one it would be time to pull off the road and let the storm pass but as it is you are more likely to see temps around the 70's through Moab to Monument valley.

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    You are more likely to encounter snow on I-70 through the Rockies, and in Yosemite, than you are anywhere else out there. Everything south of Moab is essentially desert.

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