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    hi there,
    i was wondering could any1 help me to plan my trip. i am going over to america for 6 weeks in the summer , i and 5 friends are buying a camper between us and traveling around in it. i was wondering where should i start or finish i was told i should definility try to see san diegeo. i want to see as much as we can and try everything. very adventurous so things like para gliding ,parachuting anything like that we would love to do so any help would be brillant.
    basically we just want an adventure on wheels.

    slan go foil,
    Charlie o Coyle
    irish dude.

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    Default very big challenge

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan to purchase a camper is probably not going to be feasable. We've simply never seen a way where a non-resident of the US can purchase a vehicle, and get it licensed and insured. Lots of people have asked and tried, but no one has yet told us how to do it successfully.

    Beyond that, I think you just need to do more research about this country and the places you would be interested in visiting. With 6 weeks, you can see almost anything in the US, and that just means there are far too many options for us to start narrowing things down for you at this point.

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    Default Vehicle purchase

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is to early for us to start making any meaningful suggestions as there are millions of options across the country that you could not see in a lifetime !

    At this stage I would get a good map of the USA and sit down with your friends and look at places of interest to you and discover what you all want from the trip and use the RTA site to gather all the info you could need. When you have worked out some stuff for yourselves and got some dots on the map I am sure we could then help you to join those dots together.

    Before you do this lets rewind a little, you say you are going "over to America" and "I and 5 friends are buying a camper". Are any of your friends residents in the US and you are joining them or are they going over with you ?
    If none of you are residents I was wondering how you are getting around all the paper work and having a US address that is associated with purchasing a vehicle, as for years we have had no one able to do this or explain in full how it is possible.

    Have a good look around the forums and other RTA pages to help you get started.

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    Hi Irish Dude, it is possible to buy, register and insure vehicles in the U.S as non-residents, my wife and I have been doing it with our fifth wheel and truck for the last five years but it does seem to be getting more difficult. Certainly for the period of time you are talking about it is just not feasible, renting is the only option. Check out e-bay for the sort of vehicle you would need for five people, probably an A or C-class motorhome. Factor in the hassle/cost of registering/insuring it, if you can even get insurance, the hassle of selling it again at the end of trip and rental becomes the only option. The only easy part of any of this is buying in the first place. We started with a C class motorhome and switched to our fifth wheel and truck. Both bought on e-bay from the UK!! Scary!!
    As Midwest Michael says, how much of the US you see depends on how much time you want to spend driving, in six weeks you could see most of it but you wouldn't see much of it, if you get my meaning.
    The West Coast is always a good place to start and I agree San Diego is well worth a visit. A trip to Las Vegas then would be a must, no other place like it on the planet. If you go, stay at Oasis RV Resort, superb. DON'T use the rv park at Circus Circus, it's horrible.
    Whatever you decide, enjoy.


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