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  1. Default Road Trip for Brits from Denver to San Francisco?


    My buddies and I are planning a 2-week road-trip this summer across Western USA and I would massively appreciate any help/tips/insight that you can give me in terms of where to go/stay/avoid etc.

    The only things that are for sure are that we're flying from London into Denver and flying back from San Francisco to London 2 weeks later.

    Key areas we'd love to see on the way are real cowboy/rodeo territory in Wyoming, Utah, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

    Also would quite like to stay occasionally in some smaller, less-known towns to get a real sense of true American hospitality. Looking for beautiful driving scenery and fun evenings.

    If anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be awesome

    many thanks!

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    Default The First Thing You'll Need

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before you or we can get down to details, you'll need a general framework for your RoadTrip, i.e. the big picture. As a first cut at this, let me suggest the following: Head north from Denver, basically on I-25 to Casper, WY and then take US-20/WY-120/US-14 to Yellowstone. From there travel south on US-89 to Salt Lake City, Next come south through eastern Utah on I-15/US-6/I-70/US-191/US=163 to Kayenta, AZ, followed by US-160/US-89/AZ-64 through Grand Canyon National Park and I-40/(AZ-66)/US-93 to Las Vegas. Finish up by taking NV-160/CA-190 through Death Valley, and US-395/CA-120 through Yosemite to San Francisco and you've got a basic route that will get you everything you've said you want to see (plus a bit more). The one downside is that this route will entail a lot of driving, about 2,500 miles. But with two weeks, you can do that at a comfortable pace of a few hundred miles a day, leaving a goodly amount of time to sightsee during the day and 'relax' in the evening. Once you've decided on your route, you can start looking for specific sights and towns along the way that you'd like to visit.


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    I concur with AZBuck, nice itinerary to start with. Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon! You will be amazed! One warning. If you do decide to include these in your trip, reserve lodging ASAP. They are busy places. Use the internet and really figure out what you really want to see so you can leave enough time to explore. Western states are huge and you will want to figure out mileage and time you want to drive each day. In the San Francisco Bay Area be aware of commute traffic, for instance, going toward the bay area- commute traffic is bad in the morning and opposite that in the afternoon. Good luck and have fun developing your trip!

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    Default One bit of good news...

    If there are at least two of you in the car, you will be able to use carpool lanes during commute hours. That is not a complete fix to the traffic problems, but it may help.

    If there are at least THREE of you in a car during commute hours, you can use the bridges for free.

    Commute hours = approximately 6-9am and 4-6pm, but it will vary depending on which freeway/bridge... watch for the signs in the center divide announcing the carpool lanes, times, and requirements. You may need to wait for 2-3 signs to get the complete picture.

    Be aware that the lanes leading up to the bridge will likely be 2-minimum per car, but the freebie toll lanes will likely be 3-minimum per car.

    Best to avoid going into SF in the morning, or leaving it in the afternoon during weekdays.

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    Or maybe not.... this just in.

    The newspapers report this morning that they will be instituting fees (but reduced) on the Bay Bridge carpools; starting in July.

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