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  1. Default Summer RV Road Trip Zion to Yosemite


    Thanks in advance for all the help.

    We are planning on RV road trip this summer with our 3 kids.

    I guess I have two questions:

    1. Is the schedule listed below too agressive?

    2. What is the best route between Zion NP and Yosemite Village and is this doable in one day? (Assuming we can get a slot when the reservations open.)


    July 26 - Pick up RV from CruiseAmerica (28' Class C) Drive to Las Vegas (one night)
    July 27 - Drive to Grand Canyon South Rim - Est 4 - 5 hour drive.
    July 28 - Grand Canyon (no driving)
    July 29 - Morning Grand Canyon / Afternoon drive to Zion NP. Est 4 hour drive
    July 30 - Aug 1 Zion National Park (no driving)
    Aug 2 - Drive to Yosemite Village Est 8 - 9 hours of driving. (Bing and Google maps are giving totally different routes.)

    Aug 5 - Start drive back to LA
    Aug 6 - Return RV in LA.

    Thanks for all the assitance.

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    Default Vegas twice ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is absolutely no way you would get from Zion to Yosemite in that kind of time in a car, with an RV I would have thought 13 to 14 hours of travel.

    The rest of your times does not match the reality of "real world" driving but that of a mapping program that isn't allowing time for food, bathroom and re fuelling stops, traffic hold ups or the fact you are in an RV. Your trip is doable but it is going to be busy and I would re think your route. Why go through Las Vegas twice ? I would head straight towards the Grand canyon and then to Zion NP and then to Vegas for a night. That way you can get to Yosemite easier in a day and if you don't mind a long one, head across Death valley to 395 and then North to 120 [Tioga pass] into Yosemite.

    You might have to stop short of the GC on night one but at least you won't be adding the extra miles of a Vegas detour to it and might just leave you with a 2 or 3 hour onward journey next day, depending on your pick up time of the RV. Be warned that if you are coming in on an International flight they require you to spend a night in the country prior to collection of the RV.

    Anything else we can help with just ask !

  3. Default More Questions

    Well Goolge Maps takes us back through Las Vegas twice. Street and Trips and Bing Maps takes us up via Rt 395 up to RT 6.

    Either way it looks like I need to add a few hours to the driving times based upon your feedback.

    Two questions:

    1. We are going to be renting from Cruise America and they have a restriction on not driving to or in Death Valley or other desert areas during hot periods. Do you know if rental companies consider Rt 95 to be part of Death Valley?

    2. We thought of going first to Las Vages from LA so we could make sure that everything is working (fridge, ac, etc) and if we had an issue we could get them taken care of in Vegas. (This is a recommendation from a friends) If this is not the case we could start from LA to Grand Canyon. We can get the RV at 1400, so i think we will need to find a RV park to stay along the way.


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    You could replan your route so you go from LA to Las Vegas to Zion, then US-89 around through Page to the Grand Canyon, then to Yosemite via I-40, CA-58, and US-395. I'd also consider the north rim of the GC instead of the south rim, it doesn't look like you would have time to do both though.

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    Default More info.

    Oh yes, Death valley ! As you can't take this option then the route described by glc would work well and Las vegas for your first night would be possible. [check out Oasis RV resort].

    To answer you questions;

    1] I would have thought that RT 95 and any other major highway would be OK but my advice would be to ask the rental company to define "desert area."

    2]The RV should have had a pre inspection before you collect and you will be walked around the RV to identify any damage etc so shouldn't be an issue.

    If you are in a position to get an earlier start and want to do so it will be worth contacting the office from where you are collecting the RV to see if they will arrange an earlier collection. They have a standard collection time window but I contacted the Denver office before my last trip and they were happy to let me collect at 10.30am with no extra charge, although this was not in peak season.

    Don't let a mapping program "take you" anywhere, use your mouse to "drop and drag" the blue route line to the way you want to go, that's the beauty and freedom of the open road !

    When you have your route and dates sorted you should also check on the NPS website at to see when the booking windows open for RV sites in each park and make a note of it. Book as early as you can when the window opens as the sites can go within hours during peak season, for Yosemite check out the "lower and upper Pines" sites on the valley floor and "Mather campground" in Grand canyon South rim. Both are in great locations and set amongst woodland in the heart of the parks.

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