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Thread: Honeymoon Trip

  1. Default Honeymoon Trip

    Hi everyone. My Fiancee and I are planning a 3 week trip in September from New York to San Fran via Chicago and Denver.

    We'd like to do it in style so wanted to rent a convertible. We rented the Sebring on a previous trip and found it a bit tame. This time we want something a bit more special - it is our honeymoon after all!!

    I tried to book a Ford Mustang through Hertz but they don't offer them from the New York area.

    Any ideas who we can try??


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    Default "Or similar"

    Hello, congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find that most [if not all] major rental companies will use the term "or similar" when you select the category of car you want and do not guarantee an exact model.

    The only thing I can suggest is to keep searching the various sites and when you think you have found what you are looking for send an enquiry to ask if they would guarantee the make and model of car before booking.

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    Default probably not possible

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to tell you, you're facing a couple of problems.

    First, no company will promise a specific model on their general rental fleet. However, with convertibles, there are generally only two models used: the Sebring and the Mustang. However, it should be noted that the Mustang is still a base model and it may not provide much more excitement for you than the Sebring.

    Hertz and some other companies do offer specialty lines (like a "fun collection") where you would be able to pick a specific model and have the option of a sportier car, however these cars are usually not available for one way rentals and there is a very high premium on price for them.

    Your best bet would be to simply call around to the various chains and see what model they use for their convertibles. If you find one that only carries the Mustang, then that's as close to a guarantee that you're likely going to find.

  4. Default Honeymoon Trip

    Thanks Dave. Apart from Hertz there doesn't seem to be anyone offering a convertible that isn't a Sebring...

    I guess we'll have to "settle" for the hardtop Mustang!!

    By the way - we're averaging around 300 miles a day. Is that heavy going or light cruising? I guess around 5 hours at 60 mph isn't too bad eh??

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    Default Easy enough

    Driving 300 miles isn't so bad and with 3 weeks I would expect you to have a few days off from driving. [after all it is your honeymoon ;-) ] On main highways we reckon you should average somewhere between 55 and 60 miles an hour when you consider time to fill the car and your stomachs and have a stretch of the legs, so you have a good amount of time to do some sight seeing.

    If you need any help or tips with your itinerary such as places of interest, scenic wonders etc let us know where you are headed and we might be able to offer alternatives or additional ideas.

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    Who can guarantee you a hardtop Mustang?

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    Default Hard-top Mustangs = Hard to find at any price!

    I actually have the same question about your hardtop Mustang plans - who have you found that even rents this car? The only places I can think of would be as part of a specialty collection, which isn't going to be allowed as a one way rental.

    It really shouldn't be hard to find a mustang convertible, since they make up about 50% of the rental convertible market. You just have to actually talk to the rental companies and find out which
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    Michael & GLC: Hertz can guarantee a Mustang as part of their "fun collection" although you need to call them to reserve it. The Western states also have a Mustang convertible but I was too late to book this for September so I guess they're pretty popular...!

    Southwest Dave our route is

    New York
    Niagra Falls
    Stuebenville (friends)
    Denver (friends)
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vegas
    Death Valley
    Lake Tahoe
    Willits (friends)
    San Fran

    What do you recon? Any advice on places to stay en route?? Any suggestions for deviations??


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    Default Good to know

    Wow, Hertz doesn't usually let the "fun collection" out on one way rentals, but NY-LA must be popular enough where they do. Of course, I hope your budget is wide open. Just taking a look at a quote on their website, it looks like it will cost you $5000 just for your 3 week rental.

    I think you've got a great starting point for your trip, there are millions of possibilities for places to stay and diversions, so its hard to know where to start helping, but that's a solid point to begin your planning and research for more ideas on places that would fit your specific interests.

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    Default National parks.

    Yep, you have a nice solid outline to work from for your trip and you can search the RTA pages to find lots of info on how to fill those gaps in of which there are many options.

    From Denver to Grand canyon there are some great drives such as the "Million dollar highway" and in Utah "scenic byway 12" plus many great National parks such as Rocky mountain NP, Arches, Zion and Bryce canyon and the iconic Monument valley on tribal lands are all possibilities. If you are visiting a couple more National parks on top of GC and Yosemite and DV you will find the $80 annual pass to be better value and is available form the first park kiosk you visit.
    The National parks interactive map is a great tool for locating parks and getting all the info on them to help your planning.

    As Michael has said it's hard to know where to start but once you have looked around and broken your trip down into a little more detail we should be able to offer more specific detail.

    Enjoy the planning !

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