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  1. Default College trip! Orlando to Ithica NY. Help

    I have never gone on a road trip but I plan to do this one in a few months with my two best friends. So far all the details I have is that we will mainly stick to the coast (and I-95). We all love the beach and love going to clubs or bars and just meeting new people. My major concers are cost, like tolls, especially when I hit NY because I heard that and parking get ridiculously expensive. If someone can lead me in the right direction for more planning please help :) Thank you.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Parking in Manhattan can be very expensive, and it could be cheaper to park outside the city and take the train in. However, that depends upon how long you'll be in NYC and where you'll be staying when you are there.

    Its really hard to say much more about what costs you'll have since we know so little about how you are traveling, how long your'll be on the road, etc. Tolls, even on the east coast will typically be a very small part of your overall budget really not costing much more than a tank of two of gas. Here's some good general tips from the planning section about keeping costs down.

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    There was a recent thread about parking in NYC with a couple of opinions on it -- link. You can park on the streets, but if you are not too familiar with city driving, the experience can be quite overwhelming.

    Also, there are tolls on the NJ Turnpike and most ways of getting into NYC (usually $6 or $8 and you will pay one-way when you leave the city). Perhaps if you do drive into NYC you can take I-80 to the George Washington Bridge so at least you will only pay the toll when you are leaving the city and will avoid the NJ Turnpike.

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