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  1. Default RV trip in October/Nov from LA to Seattle

    Hi, we are from Australia and want to travel along california coast and up to Olympic peninsula in October this year in an RV. Does anyone have advice about weather and driving conditions in an RV in october. Online research of RV rental companies are a bit sketchy about the need to winterise the RV in November when travelling in Washington State.
    Also we want to do LA to Seattle and back to sanfrancisco - is this possible in 3 and half weeks? Any advice would be very welcome. Travelling with 2 small children too.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 3.5 weeks you will have quite a bit of time to do some detours and sight see along the way as you could get from LA to Seattle in 3 days fairly comfortably in an RV via Interstate.

    As far as winterizing the RV, I don't think you will get a definitive answer as in my experience the rental companies will make a decision to drain the tanks for different regions as and when the updated weather forecast decides it's time. In other words if there are sub zero temps in the mountains East of Seattle yet you have no plans to go there they could still winterize all the RV's. As you are starting in LA and finishing in SF I doubt it will be an issue anyway but whether they have drained them off or not before you start out, you will be held liable for any damage occurred by frozen tanks.

    We saw temps of minus 9 on 2 occasions during our last trip, once was OK and once the water froze [I guess it was wind chill] but luckily didn't cause damage. If you are on a hook up, disconnect the City supply overnight in sub zero temps and if it is going to get real cold [-5 or less] dump the waste water and at least make sure the fresh water is quite low so it has room to expand but you have enough water for the kettle and a splash in the sink.

    All these scenarios are worst case and if you are sticking mainly to the coast shouldn't even be an issue.

    Have a good look around the RTA site and use the search function where you will find endless amounts of info along your proposed route and if you have any other questions regarding your trip just ask away !

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