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    I'm an avid rock hound caver and national park fanatic getting ready to gear up and head out first mission get out of the snow then see where life takes us from there see the sites and enjoy life for a year or more

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    For a year long roadtrip, you're bound to hit some type of weather at some point, but my vote would be on the Southwest part of the country to find something that you are interested in. Florida isn't known for it's caves or geology.

    Have you been to Carlsbad Caverns? What are some of the national parks that you've been to previously, and what did you find that attracted you to those places?

    You're definitely going to want to consider your budget for a year-long trip, depending on whether you be traveling solo or with other people, how you're going to get around, where you're going to stay, etc.

  3. Default this is not our first trip

    just our first one without kids money has never been a problem we work as we go even when we had the kids. the first trip we did with them started in Glacier park in Jan. (that's where we are from) to Seattle Washington then down the coast to the Mexico border.

    Well about then we decided to head to the FL keys where we stayed 3 years about then back to mt and then we did the Zion Grand canyon hells half acre with my 2 disabled parents they came down to the bottom of CA and about half way back up and they went home from there we went to the trinity mountains and spent some time in northern CA then off to Nevada where we spent a few months now here we are in KY.

    getting ready to hit the road with just us and the dogs.

    yes we have been to the pay for type caves but have been learning cave surveying here in wild unexplored caves

    we are thinking of finding some places to volunteer in parks or what not we enjoy spending time in them and would love to help keep them nice for when our children take their children to see.

    where they went when they were little so remember keep our parks and public lands clean if it says pack it in pack it out do so even if you didn't pack it in dont just leave it there
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