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    I attend college in Florida. A friend and I are planning on roadtripping back home together once school gets out in early May. So far, we're planning on driving up to Charleston on I-95 to visit the U.S.S. Yorktown, then taking I-75 through the Smokies before cutting over to Mammoth Cave and then taking I-65 the rest of the way to Chicago. We have no time constraints and our only objection is cost - we're planning on spending most of our nights in a tent in order to save money. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding things to stop and see on our way?
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    "[T]hings to stop and see" generally cost money. In particular Patriots Point in Charleston and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky are going to be moderately expensive. Absolutely worth it in my opinion, but not free. If you are comfortable with that level of expense for activities, then I'd suggest that you take the ferry out to Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor - it leaves from Patriots Point - and if you'll be there on the weekend, check into visiting the CSS Hunley restoration. If you're into history besides WW-II Aircraft Carriers, try Cumberland Gap National Historical Park where Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee meet. And for a cheap (free) albeit short activity, leave Mammoth via the Green River Ferry.


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    Thanks for the suggestions and welcome. I completely forgot about Fort Sumter - I've been there before, and we'll definitely be going back. I'm also very happy to hear about the ferry at Mammoth. I love ferry rides. I looked up Cumberland and it seems wonderful, so we'll definitely look into that.

    Thanks also for the warning about fees. They shouldn't be too much problem; we both have more than enough money, we're just trying to be frugal.

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