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    Hi there

    I've got nearly the same trip planned: my gf and I are planning on flying in/out of LA from London in early August 2010. I was thinking of nearly the identical itinerary, though had also included a loop around the NPs in southern Utah (Monument Valley, etc). I've done a G-Map of the trip here: (hope it works).

    We're not 100% yet on how long we're going for, but it looks likely to be 16 days or so. Do we have enough time to cover everything we want to see? I'd like a good mix of city, scenic drives, small towns and national parks, spending about as much time in each place as Rob indicates for his trip. I don't mind long drives on certain days, but would not want to be driving every day either.

    Any advice? FYI my provisional itinterary (if the map above doesn't work) is:

    LA > Central Coast > SF > Yosemite > DV > LV > Utah parks (Zion, Arches, Monument) > Grand Canyon > LA

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you have 16 days plus, your trip is certainly doable, although with so much to see and do it will keep you on the move for sure. Unless you have more time I don't see you having quite so much time in one area as Rob does, if you had 3 nights in LA and SF and a couple in Yosemite that would be half your time gone and many miles and major attractions to see, so you will have to decide what works best for you.

    Arches NP is wonderful but being out there on a limb it is something you could possibly cut out if you want a little more quality time and cannot get a few more days for your trip. With the 16 days I would be looking at dividing it something like this > 1 night LA [recover from jet lag] >1 night PCH>2 nights SF>2 nights Yosemite>1 night DV>2 nights LV> 1 night Zion >1 night Bryce > 1 night MV [through Page] 2 nights GC> 2 nights LA.

    That should give you a nice balance of what you are looking for and of course you can juggle it to suit your own tastes but it gives you something to work from. You will find lots more info throughout the RTA site so have a good look at your options and let us know if we can help further.


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