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    Hello, fellow roadtrippers!

    I will have one week to get from Atlanta to Vegas in late March or early April. I've done the reverse trip before, the long way (including Arizona, Texas, New Orleans and Birmingham). I prefer cities over nature, and am open to good road food (especially barbecue and pie!), history, kitsch and interesting small towns. If it matters, I like to stay at Fairfield Inn-type places, with breakfast. I'd like to see Nashville, but that's about it as far as fixed plans. I'd welcome suggestions. Thanks much.
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    In that case I'd suggest a general route that goes: Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and finish up hitting some of the great Utah National Parks such as Aches, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Each of those cities has a vibrant music/night life scene and Kansas City in particular has some of the best barbeque around. Take a look at that route and if you need more detailed help on it, speak up.


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    Will do, AZBuck. Thanks much. I've not been to St. Louis or Kansas City, so that sounds like a good possibility.

    Have you (or anyone else) been to these cities, for comparison against St. Louis and Kansas City:

    Little Rock
    Oklahoma City

    I've not been to any of them.

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    I have been to STL and KC, and driven through OKC and Amarillo. I think with your criteria, STL and KC would hold more interest.

    STL has a very nice Hampton Inn downtown, right near the Gateway Arch. They have an award-winning BBQ joint named Super Smokers, 2 locations (Eureka, St. Peters).

    KC has the Crown Center just off downtown, across from Union Station. They are both part of a renaissance.

    Both cities have a few casinos, the Harrah's in North KC has a very nice hotel.

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    glc, thanks much to you, too. I'm going to do as you and AZBuck suggest. Sounds like a good trip.

    Any particular place(s) worth stopping or overnighting between Kansas City and Denver? Google maps says the drive is about 9.5 hours, so I might drive straight through (with one person trading off driving) if there's not much worth stopping for.

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    The only thing worth stopping for is a look around Hays, KS. It has an "old West" downtown, museums, and a university. It also has a very affordable Ramada Inn. Otherwise, it's a pretty sparse run.

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    Thanks, glc. That's good to know. It's handy that it's in the middle of the stretch between Kansas City and Denver; it'll give us an option if we decide not to drive the whole 9.5 hours in one go.

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    Finished my trip. Thanks again for the suggestions, glc and AZBuck.

    I visited Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and Arches National Park in Utah and had a great trip.

    Stayed at Marriotts everywhere (rewards member), except for Moab (Arches National Park), which had no Marriott. There, I stayed at a Ramada that was surprisingly cheap ($89) and remodeled (at least my room was).

    Arches National Park was surreal and humbling, well worth the visit. And I say that as someone who much prefers city over nature. I also enjoyed my visits to all the cities on my route.

    In case anyone else is a spontaneous traveler: I don't plan anything beyond what cities to visit and checking their weather. Right before I start my car, I use my smart phone to find an expensive hotel in my next city, use that address for GPS directions (figuring that will be a nice part of town to start my exploring), then I wander around the rest of the town randomly. After I've done my initial sweep once in town, I use smart phone to find an actual hotel, restaurants, sights and such. If I stumble across an interesting-looking restaurant, for instance, I look up reviews and decide whether to go or avoid. I also saved 40 bucks on one night of hotel by doing quick smart-phone comparisons in Moab (skimmed reviews, called for prices, knew to ask for a remodeled room because of a review).

    I could also use a smart-phone app for cheap gas, but I usually just drive a mile or two away from the freeway exits, because gas usually is more expensive right by the freeway. In at least a couple of cities, I found gas within easy distance of freeways that was 30 cents a gallon less than right by the freeway.

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    Have you tried If you have an Iphone, there's a $2.99 app in the store that's driven by Gas Buddy.

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    Thanks, glc. I have that app. (It must've been free when I got it; I haven't paid for a single app.) Just rarely bother using it. I like to drive around and check out new cities anyway, so I just scan for cheaper gas as I go. Saving is a perk, not enough to make driving to a specific gas station worth it for me. Maybe if I drove a gas guzzler, but my car is a relative sipper.

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