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    Hi everyone...we are thinking of planning a trip in July of this year to California (we are from the UK). We are currently Disney Vacation Club Members so we have to stay at the Disney Hotel in Anaheim for at least one week of our planned 14-16 days. We visited California 2 years ago and started our vacation in San Francisco for 3 days then stopped off in Carmel, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles then the final week in Anaheim. We had a fantastic time hence our return trip but this time we would like to start in maybe San Diego and stop off and stay at a few places en route to Anaheim then drive to Santa Barbara possibly stopping off somewhere else en route? We dont really want attractions so much (zoos, museums etc.) but would like fantastic beaches and scenery.. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thankyou

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    If you want a change of pace from what you did last time, you could look at visiting some of California's inland National Parks like Sequoia and Yosemite. You could certainly include Santa Barbara as part of a loop on your way back to LA.

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