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  1. Default My summer Cross country road trip. Just need a little help.

    A female friend and I are planning a road trip cross country this summer and I was wondering if any of you wonderful folks could give us a hand, share your experiences, suggestions? Anything would be appreciated. The big thing I need however is a Mileage counter...I cant find one.

    Here is our current "layout" of our trip:

    89, 17 to Flagstaff, Arizona

    40 to Albuquerque, New Mexico

    40 to Amarillo, Texas

    40 to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    40 to Little Rock, Arkansas

    30 to Memphis, Tennessee

    Daytrip to Mississippi

    30 to Nashville, Tennessee

    65 to Louisville, Kentucky

    71 to Cincinnati, Ohio

    71 through Columbus, Ohio

    70 to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

    79 to Lake Erie

    90 to Buffalo, New York

    90 to New York, New York

    Follow Route back to Columbus, Ohio

    70 to Indianapolis, Indiana

    74 >72 to Springfield, Illinois

    55 to St. Lois, Illinois

    70 to Columbia, Missouri (detour to Jefferson City)

    70 to Kansas City, Kansas

    70 through Topeka, Kansas

    70 to Denver, Colorado

    25 down to Walsenburg, Colorado

    160 through to Durango

    160 to Flagstaff

    40 to Los Angeles, California

    5 to San Diego

    10 to Phoenix, Arizona

    17>89 to Prescott, Arizona

    I should note that we are taking busses and hitchhiking (yes I know the dangers). We are also a part of the couch surfing site and our planning in coming in contact with several wonderful people that would be willing to help us on our trip. Please, Please, Please anything, any ideas, what our mileage exactly is would be helpful. I feel kind of cluttered right now and am having a hard time coming up with a budget outline.

    Thank you all for your help!


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    Default Mileage estimates.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To find your mileage estimate you just have to go to a mapping site such as Google maps and enter your route and then it will calculate distance for you. Enter major stopping points and for any detours you can "drop and drag" the blue route line to include any extra mileage in those detours.

    A rough outline of your route suggests a journey of around 6700 miles which is quite considerable as you plan to use buses and hitch hiking as a method to do the journey. Way beyond something I would want to attempt but I hope it all works out for you, Good luck.

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    In addition to being unsafe and in most cases illegal, there's actually another practical issue of hitchhiking that you should think about. As a couple, it will be about 20 times more difficult to find anyone who will give you a ride. The few people who may be willing to give a ride are more often than not only going to be willing to give a ride to one person.

    Considering you can get long term multi-stop passes from Greyhound, that might actually be cheaper than trying to just pay for a single fare for each segment where you can't find someone to give you a ride.

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    Around 6700 miles approx? Thank You! I tried google maps but it wouldnt map my route at all. It said it wasnt possible to calculate. But thank you!

    I understand the ramifications of hitch hiking and how hard it is. I've done it before and we aren't planning on hitchhiking the whole thing. I've heard the multi-stop passes have become rather expensive though as well. I've also heard there is something called Shared rides? What is that exactly? Thanks for your input as well!

    What Im really looking for though is some sort of Budget guide. I'm just having a hard time getting my thoughts straight on what I need to consider money wise. So far I have Food, Entertainment, and travelling expenses. I know I'm missing something but I just can't get my tongue aroundit

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    Google does have a limit of maximum number of stops you can put in (20 I think) so perhaps that was your problem. Again, the drag and drop feature is a very handy tool for a trip like this.

    I'd also say that I'd want to have a lot more facts than "I've heard they've gotten rather expensive" before I would dismiss the multi-ride pass. If those prices have gone up, its quite likely that single ride tickets have also gone up.

    I'm not sure what you are talking about in regards to Shared Rides, but it would sound on its face like a carpooling option / something where you also have to be contributing some form or transportation yourself too.

    You didn't include lodging, which would be the other big factor in your budget.

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