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    My wife and I have 4 kids age 9-15, and have never traveled like this before, but would appreciate any suggestions.
    We love baseball and the outdoors. I have airline miles to redeem, and a friend in Las Vegas, and a free day at Disney. Having never driven an RV, I am excited and a little nervous as well. Here is what I am thinking:
    Day 1-Fly into Los Angeles and rent RV from RVAmerica
    Day2-see Angels play in Anaheim
    Day4-see Dodgers play
    Day 5-Disney
    Day 6-Drive towards San Francisco
    Day7-Drive towards San Francisco
    Day8-Drive towards San Francisco
    Day9-see A's play in Oakland
    Day10-see Giants play in San Francisco
    Day 11-Yosemite
    Day13-Las Vegas
    Day14-Las Vegas
    Day 15- Grand Canyon
    Day16-Grand Canyon
    Day17-see Diamondbacks play in Phoenix AZ
    Day18-San Diego zoo
    Day19-return rv and fly home from Los Angeles

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trip outline looks solid. The only place where I think you'll have a problem is at the very end. Seeing a game in Phoenix, and then making it to the San Diego zoo the next day could be a little tough. Its a 400 mile trip from Phx to San Diego, so that's going to take up most of your day (especially in an RV), and the SD Zoo is big enough that you're probably going to want a full day there.

    Speaking of San Diego, I guess there wasn't a game at Petco that you could fit into your schedule? If you haven't already gone too heavy on your baseball planning, you could also look at hitting a minor league game or two. Las Vegas has a AAA team, and there are several places where you might fit in a High-A California League game.

    The only other thing I might question is the choice of an RV. Since you are spending a lot of time in cities, that's going to be a big vehicle to try to move around in, find parking and campsites for, etc. With your large family, however, I can see the appeal, just know that it might pose a few more challenges than just driving a van/suv and staying in motels.

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    Thanks for the suggestions the other day. I reworked some things and we will be able to fit in the game in San Diego as well as the zoo. I just booked our flights the other day. My wife also says the 30 ft. rv might be a little big, but calling around the prices on a 30 ft. rv for 17 days was about the same as a conversion van, and then I would have to get hotels. I think we may try to stay in parks outside of major cities, or boondock, then drive into the city during the day. With 6 in the family, I don't know if I have too many other choices. It looks something like:
    8/14-fly into San Fran. and rent rv
    8/15-SF ball game
    8/16-Oakland ball game
    8/17, 18-yosemite
    8/19,20-Las Vegas
    8/21-Grand Canyon
    8/22-Phoenix Diamondbacks ball game
    8/23-drive towards LA
    8/24-Disney these days (8/23-8/27) are pretty open as we have 1 free day at Disney to use this year
    8/25,26-check out sights along the coast
    8/27-Anaheim ball game
    8/28-San Diego Zoo
    8/29-San Diego Padres ball game
    8/30-LA ball game
    8/31-return rv and fly out of San Francisco
    again, I have never driven a large vehicle like this or used one with water hookups, electrical, etc. but I would like to learn and think I could pick it up. Is RVAmerica the best place to go through?
    Is it naive of me to think that I can boondock a couple of nights or stay in a park outside of the major cities?
    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default RV info.

    An RV is a large vehicle to negotiate around a city or any other place for that matter but if you are an experienced driver you should adapt quite quickly. From a driving point of view the extra width is noticeable straight away but you have to allow plenty of room at the back for the "swing". The overhang behind the back wheels is very long on a 30ft class C RV so be careful not to side swipe something when turning away from an object such as a parked car or fuel pumps. [think of spinning around with a plank of wood on your shoulder to picture it ;-)].

    Hooking up with electric and water and emptying your waste water etc is straight forward and when collecting your rental it will appear much easier than when reading about it, but it is worth reading and familiarising yourself with the operations before travelling.

    There is not a "best" company to go with as they all offer similar homes but can offer special deals so do your homework and see what works out best for your trip but make sure you add on all the extras such as bedding and kitchen kits, mileage charges and so on. Cruise America [not sure if that's who you meant] and El Monte are the big two but it's possible you might get a better deal through an agency on the Net.

    You can't just "boondock" near a city, you would need permission from a land owner to park up for the night and I have heard that some Walmart stores allow you to stay in a far corner of there car park. It's customary to purchase something and then seek the managers permission to stay the night, but by no means does this mean you can set up camp and get your BBQ, table and chairs out, it's somewhere to sleep and that's it. I would recommend putting the name of city and RV park into your search engine and see what results you get such as this one in San Fran that offers shuttle buses to the City and will save you the stress of trying to negotiate the RV in a built up area and having to find parking. In Las Vegas Circus,Circus has an RV site in the parking lot but if you want to treat yourselves check out the Oasis RV park, it's great for a resort type park.

    For the National parks check out the "Pines" [lower, upper and North] in Yosemite and "Mather campground" at the Grand canyon, you will need to go to the NPS website at to get the info you need. Check the opening window date for booking in advance and book as soon as you can on that day, they can sell out within hours of opening !

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