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    We are planning a road trip this summer from San Francisco to New Orleans. We were hoping to rent something like a Ford Mustang, Cadillac, Corvette etc - basically something convertible (we see this as a once in a lifetime trip) but are having difficulty locating a rental company who deal in these sort of vehicles and allow them to cross states.

    All the major rental companies tend to deal in more practical cars and you can rarely guarantee the exact make or model. Does anyone have any advice on where we should be looking?

    We realise we may have to revise our budget and rent our dream car from San Franciso to Las Vegas only, then pick up a more economic car for the remainder of the trip!!

    Any ideas gratefully received!!
    Steve (UK)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right about a few things, rental car companies almost never guarentee a specific model of car - and in the very rare cases where they do it is part of a special/premium collection which both costs far more and often times are not available for one way rentals.

    It should not be hard at all to find a convertible for a rental car, however, it just means you'll have to stick with the base model - which is almost always either a mustang or a sebring. I just did a quick search, and while that is pricey, its not hard at all to find a company that will allow that.

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