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    Default I-5 to Palm Spriings

    We will be south-bound on the I-5 towing a 5th wheel. What would be the best route considering road grade (up-hill). I believe my choices are exit - to Bakersfield then 58....or I-5 to 210 to I-10 to destination???

    Thanks, Tom

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Techachapi Pass (CA-58) is a bit lower in elevation than I-5's grapevine, and that route would let you skirt around LA's traffic, which would actually be a bigger concern to me than the grade.

    In either case, they are both Freeways that should really cause you very little problem, and in fact, the passes through Oregon/Northern California are actually worse than either of the passes in SoCal.

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    I-5 to CA-46 east to CA-99 south to CA-58 east to US-395 south to I-15 south to I-215 south to I-10 east. 46 and 395 are not freeways, and 58 is a partial.

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    Thanks for the tips!


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