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    My girlfriend and I will be in Vegas in mid-March, and are planning on hiring a car to drive to San Francisco. We'd planned a route, but after reading this and other forums, it seems it would not be possible due to the weather conditions. I think I have a do-able alternative, but would like to get any advice anyone may have.

    We leave Vegas early on a Monday morning, and have accommodation booked in San Francisco on the Thursday night, so have 4 days / 3 nights to make the drive. We're planning on heading out of Vegas to Death Valley via Pahrump and Shoshone, then take the CA-190 through DV and spend the night at Lone Pine. From there we planned to take the CA-120 across to Yosemite National Park, but I understand that won't be possible at that time of year? So instead, I'm thinking of heading all the way up to Lake Tahoe, to spend a night around that area. From here maybe take the US-50 and head south to spend our last night somewhere just west of Yosemite, so we can spend that last day heading over to Yosemite Valley, before driving to San Francisco.

    So does that all sound viable? Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are correct about the road closures, and the changes you've made will work.

    However, my only thought is that you're kind of shortchanging Yosemite. You'll only have a half day to look around the Valley if you are continuing onto San Francisco the same day.

    Another option to consider would be to go around to the South (Bakersfield) instead of going all the way up to Lake Tahoe. You might be able to fit in a day at Sequoia National Park, or just spend the extra time exploring Death Valley and Yosemite a bit more in depth.

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    There is a good possibility that Carson Pass (CA-88) may be open with no chain restrictions, if so, that's a lot lighter traveled road than US-50 and is very scenic. It also gets you closer to Yosemite.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    We've been thinking about it, and are now planning on a night in Lone Pine, then driving south, all the way around to Yosemite Valley, and having two nights there. How long would that drive take? If there would be time, is there anything along the way to see?

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    Default Doable.

    I would say it could be done fairly comfortably in a day allowing 8 hours for driving on main routes. Lone pine will make a nice overnight stop but if you wanted less of a drive to Yosemite you could continue South on 395 when you have exited Death valley instead of heading Northwest on 136 to Lone pine. If you done so you could plan a stop around the Lake Isabella area and possibly visit Sequoia next day on route to Yosemite. Another option to Lake Isabella would be to take the Trona wildrose Rd [178] past Ballarat ghost town and through Ridgecrest.

    Starting out from Lone Pine you could still cut across to Lake Isabella on 178 to Bakersfield and North on 99 and 41but you wouldn't really have time to head into Sequoia NP.

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