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    I am an eighteen year old college student finishing up my first year and myself and a couple of friends are trying to organize a trip down the east coast. We are starting from home in Delaware and have about a week or so of time. It has been hard to get a definite plan in shape because most attractions found, are not really of interest to people our age. I am hoping someone can help me out either with a general route to take, good places to stop, or even how far down the coast we can really expect to go. We were hoping to get to Florida, just to feel like we accomplished going down the whole coast. I really have hit a huge road block (no pun intended) and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    There are three basic routes south: I-95, of course, as well as the mountain and coastal routes. Unfortunately, just saying that "most attractions..are not really of interest to" you doesn't help anyone to understand what it is you're looking for. Also, with only a week, you can only get to Florida and back if you forego a lot of stops or much time at those you do make, and just concentrate on the drive sown and back. So, you've still got some serious groundwork to lay in setting up the basic framework of your trip before you can expect much help.


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