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  1. Default Am I out of my mind?

    I am in my 50s and want to take some time this summer to travel the US. My desire is not to be bogged down by time constraints or deadlines. I have no specific destination in mind, just want to explore and see North America before I am too old to travel. My biggest problem is finances. I have considered an RV, but not sure I can afford it. Thought about tenting it, but not sure the "old bones" can handle it. Does anyone have suggestions for reliable and affordable RV rentals or ideas for accomplishing this mid-life crisis challenge?
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Nope, you are not out of your mind you just have to work out the best way to follow your dream matched with your finances. It sounds as though you are a solo traveller [?] and an RV never works out to be the economic choice when there are less than 4 people travelling [not in my findings at least] and a car and Motels are cheaper by the time you have added all the associated costs with an RV, such as extra gas and campground fees. A mixture of camping, Motels and even Hostels could work well but you need to do a little research and work out what best suits your needs.

    In this thread you can see how Lifemagician budget turned out with a link to her 62 day trip report as a solo traveller.

    You will find some good budgeting tips here and some tips for eating from the cooler.

    Have a look around the RTA pages and you will find endless amounts of info covering every aspect of your trip but as you have new questions just ask !

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