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    Default Roadrip advice; SF > Death Valley > Zion/Bryce/Grand C > Vegas > Route 1 > SF


    I've been following these forums for a lost couple of months, they're full of useful information, so thanks to everyone for sharing their advice and experience.

    My friend and I have a three week trip planned in April/May. We've been pondering possible routes for a while. We face the usual dilemma of squeezing as much sightseeing in as possible while still maintaining the balance of fully enjoying and experiencing what's on offer.

    Our latest rough plan is as follows, and we'd appreciate any feedback. Nothing is booked yet, other than the flights in and out of SFO, so there's plenty of room for manoeuvre at the moment. (We currently have two 'spare' days which could use add to an extra stop or add to where we already plan to be).

    Day 1 Sat 24 - Arrive SFO 14:20
    Day 2 Sun 25 - San Francisco
    Day 3 Mon 26 - San Francisco
    Day 4 Tue 27 - San Francisco → Yosemite [Overnight TBA Yosemite]
    Day 5 Wed 28 - Yosemite [Overnight TBA Yosemite]
    Day 6 Thu 29 - Yosemite → Seqoia NP → Lone Pine [overnight Lone Pine or simlar depending on availibity/preference/driving distances]
    Day 7 Fri 30 - Lone Pine → Death Valley → Stovepipe Wells [Overnight TBA Stovepipe Wells]
    Day 8 Sat 01 - Stovepipe Wells (leave early) → Somewhere near Zion NP [Overnight TBA Zion NP area]
    Day 9 Sun 02 - Zion NP → Bryce Canyon [Overnight TBA Bryce Canyon area]
    Day 10 Mon 03 - Nr. Bryce → Kanan → Page or similar [Overnight TBA Page or similar depending on availibity/preference/driving distances]
    Day 11 Tue 04 - Drive around Page area attractions → Mon. Valley [Overnight TBA near Mon. Valley]
    Day 12 Wed 05 - Nr. Mon. Valley → G. Canyon Sth Rim (inc sunset?) [Overnight TBA G. Canyon Village]
    Day 13 Thu 06 - G. Canyon Village → G. Canyon (inc sunrise?) → Flagstaff Area [Overnight TBA Flagstaff]
    Day 14 Fri 07 - Flagsatff → Kingman → Hoover Dam → Las Vegas [Overnight Las Vegas]
    Day 15 Sat 08 - Las Vegas
    Day 16 Sun 09 - Las Vegas
    Day 17 Mon 10 - Spare
    Day 18 Tue 11 - Spare
    Day 19 Wed 12 - Flight Las Vegas → LAX → Monteray Bay [Overnight TBA Moneteray Area]
    Day 20 Thu 13 - Monteray Bay → San Francisco [Overnight San Francisco]
    Day 21 Fri 14 - San Francisco
    Day 22 Sat 15 - Depart SFO 16:55

    Any advice appreciated, including recommended overnight locations.
    We're both in our early 30's, not worried about high quality accommodation, and quite happy doing a few 'long' drives if helps the overall schedule.

    Many thanks.

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    Default LV to LA ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have created a nice loop with lots of interesting stops that will keep you amazed !

    Okay, a couple of points,

    Day 6] is to much to drive through Sequoia NP and get to Lone pine in my opinion and you don't actually have to go that far North to get to Death valley if you don't want to, plus it is very close to Stovepipe Wells. I think you would be much better off looking at somewhere around Lake Isabella for an overnight stop.

    Day 9] I would use one of your "spares" and have another night in Zion. By the time you arrive in Zion from Death valley and then head to Bryce next day it really isn't enough time to do this park justice and there are some great walks in the Canyon.

    day 19] I really don't get why you would want to fly from LV to LA for the sake of a few hours drive. By the time you have dropped off your rental,picked up another and checked in and out of airports I can't see that its worth the hassle.

    [If you were to drive the whole route you could consider stopping in Vegas between DV and Zion [going right through there anyway] and drive from GC to LA with a possible overnight stop ]

    I would use your other spare day driving up the coast and give yourself to take in some of those great views of the Ocean.

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    Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback.

    We'll definitely look at following your advice re. Day 6 and 9.

    The thinking re. the LV > LA leg was hire car related.
    Our intention was to do the bulk of the trip from SF including the national parks etc. in our hire car, then dropping it in Las Vegas when we 'loop back'. That way we're not paying for car rental during our longer stop in Vegas.
    If we then flew LV > LA flights look relatively cheep and it would save us the driving time (admittedly countered by airport hassles). We could then get a hire car at LAX and head directly up the coast.

    However you've now got me pondering the driving options!

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    Default Costs.

    As they are popular destinations the one way drop off fees normally associated with not returning the car to the starting point can be waivered I believe, but it is something you should check out as 2 rentals with one way options might work out dearer than keeping the one car throughout your trip.

    It has only just registered with me that you seem to be going to LA just to pick up the car from the airport and leave town. If you were to drive [can you tell yet, I love driving ;-)] you wouldn't have to get snarled up and delayed in the hustle and bustle of LA traffic and could instead head further up the coast to somewhere such as Morro bay via Bakersfield..

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