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  1. Default Need help planning short Road Trip in the Southeast for a Bachelor Party!

    I'm new here and am glad I found this forum because if there's something I like to do, it's drive. I'm trying to plan a road short road trip for a bachelor party departing from Charlotte, NC and headed South. We're leaving on late Thursday and need to be back Late Sunday night... looking at March/April... We're always in Myrtle Beach so that's of no real interest, but there are a lot of things we want to include. There's a list of things we'd like to do but know there only may be one or two we actually get to do. Beach, Skydiving, Fishing, Golf, Whitewater rafting, paintball, camping for a night are all ideas that have been expressed, but are also ideas which each take up a good amount of time by themselves....we're so close to an amusement park that's not something that's on the list... I know where the whitewater rafting is best in the area and we'd have to go north first in order to do that, but that would take the beach out of the picture because everyone is thinking Florida. We're 8 hours from Florida so if we go there, we just need to hit things on the way. Any other suggestions would be great. The groom doesn't want the Wild MTV style bachelor party, he just wants to hang out with his friends, do some fun stuff, go out to some cool bars for a night somewhere we haven't been before, and all and all just have a good time. There are about 15 of us renting a big bus and taking this trip. Yes we have a cdl driver. Any help with an itenerary would be greatly appreciated, any cool destinations would also be great. Everyone is between 28-30 years old. Thanks in advance!!

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    Default How About North Instead of South?

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    When I looked at the tenor of the things you had on your list of possible activities, I immediately thought of several great venues that should fit the bill, but they're all north of you within relatively easy reach. For a thrilling drive on public roads try Tail of the Dragon from Deals Gap, NC. For camping you'd be hard pressed to find a spot as rustic as Mount Rogers National Recreation Area in southeastern Virginia, and for white water adventure, some of the best in the east is in the New River in West Virginia.


  3. Default What did you do?

    Saw your post and am helping my husband plan a bachelor party for this month! Any tips, experience you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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    Default response unlikely

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortunately, the original poster hasn't returned to the forum since he made that post back in February, so I'd say its unlikely that you'll get a response from him.

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