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    My wife and I are planning an early summer (last week in May & first week in June) road trip with our 4 kids.

    Planning to leave Chicago with stops along the way in STL (see the Arch and by beloved Cardinals), something in Oklahoma (maybe), Austin, TX (a couple days with friends), Carlsbad Caverns, PHX to visit sister-in-law and take in a Cards vs. D-Backs game. Then hit the Grand Canyon, continue north to CO with a stop in Denver (more friends), then an all-nighter across the flat lands of NE & IA with a stop in Dubuque, IA to visit family before the final push back to Chicago.

    I have 4 kids, ages 3-9. If anyone has made a similar trip to has suggested "things to see/do" along the way I would appreciate it.

    We are planning 15-17 days on the road.

    This is our first big trip as a family, everyone is very excited, and I am cautiously optimistic that this will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family (good or bad).

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    The first thing I would strongly warn you against is doing an all-nighter on most any trip, but especially on a family trip and even more so when you're at the end of a trip where you've been on the road for 2 weeks and will inevitably be a little tired. Thats the sort of thing that can and will make the unforgettable memories the bad kind, and simply put, it endangers the life of your family and with those with whom you will be sharing the road. Yes, even the plains can be fun and interesting, as long as you let them be - if you decide in advance they are boring and there is nothing to see, then that's exactly what you'll find.

    The other thing I would strongly suggest is that you simply plan to stop very frequently - a good idea on any trip, but pretty much vital when you've got 4 small children. These are a great idea of some of the places that will make good quick and easy stops, but the most important thing is that you let the kids get out of the car and have some space. I've often found that simply finding a playground at a school or city park can be an excellent way to break things up. These sorts of things will be just as important as the "big stops" like the grand canyon and carsbad caverns for your kids.

    Finally, don't try to do too much. I wouldn't even thing about trying to travel more than 500 miles a day in your situation. Being able to relax and enjoy yourself is going to be key to making sure this is a unforgettably good experience for your entire family.

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